How works

We like to keep things simple and user friendly.

It is incredibly simple to get a quotation.

Step 1 - Choose a quotation type

Firstly, you must choose a quotation type from the home page, or from the main menu at the top of the screen. If you are using a tablet or a smart phone then tap the small ribbed icon in the top-right-hand corner.

We offer the following kinds of conveyancing quotations:

  • Sale - for when you are selling your property to another party
  • Purchase - for when you are buying a property from another party
  • Sale & Purchase - for when you are both buying and selling
  • Remortgage
  • Transfer of equity

Coming soon:

  • Commercial conveyancing quotes

Step 2 - Fill in our simple quotation form

Complete our simple quotation form. It is important that the information you supply is accurate, so that we can show you an accurate quotation. Unlike other conveyancing Websites, we don't ask for your name, telephone number or email address before showing you your quotations. After all, who wants their personal contact details to be sold down the line as a lead, and to receive annoying sales calls thereafter?

Here is a complete list of fields - and what they mean.

Price This is the value of the property being sold or purchased in WHOLE pounds.
Post Code This is the FIRST PART of the post code of the property being sold or purchased. E.g. SA5.
Tenure This is the tenure of the property being sold or purchased. Houses are usually freehold and flats leasehold.
Mortgage To Settle This is whether there is an outstanding mortgage amount on the property you are selling.
Number Of Applicants This is the number of people to be named on the property title.
Repossession / Auction? This is whether you are buying a property which has been repossessed or sold at auction.
New Build Property? This is whether the property is newly built (you will be the first owner)
Shared Ownership? See here:
Help To Buy? See here:
Right To Buy? If you own a council house and are buying it under the right-to-buy scheme, then indicate so here. See here:
Gifted Deposit? If someone is helping you buy your property by paying part or all of your deposit, then this must be stated here. There are important implications with regards to money laundering.
Islamic Mortgage? Money lending and interest is different under Islamic laws, and therefore special handling of the mortgage is required.
Transfer Equity Required? Unique to a remortgage - this indicates whether a transfer of equity is required.
Amount Unique to a Transfer Of Equity quotation - this is the amount of equity to be transferred, in whole pounds.
Names To Add Unique to a Transfer of Equity quotation - this is the number of names to add to the deed.

Step 3 - Review your quotations

Look at each quotation carefully. Quotations from each solicitor will be presented to you in a list, showing an all-inclusive total price - including all disbursements and VAT .

There are two key things to check here -

  1. The price
  2. The solicitor's satisfaction rating.

Some solicitors are cheaper, whilst others have 100% satisfaction ratings. Hopefully the cheapest will also have an excellent satisfaction rating.

We would encourage you to spend a little more, and go for a solicitor with a high satisfaction rating.

We also encourage you to read the feedback left by other customers on each solicitor. Click "view feedback" to do this.

How we rate "satisfaction"

We have three simple categories to rate our solicitors.

  1. Positively / very satisfied
  2. Generally satisfied - but some comments on improvement
  3. Unsatisfied

We count 1 or 2 as a satisfied client, and we encourage the solicitors to take note of, and improve their service based on comments. Solicitors are always asked to give an account with regards to unsatisfied clients.

Step 4 - Place your instruction

Once you have found a quotation you are happy with, from a solicitor who's feedback has impressed you, we encourage you to Instruct. It is important that the instruction is placed via this Website to ensure it is properly registered into the case-tracking system and a personal case-handler is allocated to your matter.

You will receive a confirmation email, and details to pass on to your estate agent.

Step 5 - Return signed instructions to the solicitor

Finally, you will receive a welcome pack from the solicitor in the post. Please read this through carefully, contact them with any questions then return the signed instructions in the post. This will make your case live.

That's it! - It's all very simple - and you have the peace of mind that your matter is being handled by an experienced, competent professional, at a fixed price. We wish you every success with your property sale / purchase.