Do I need to meet my solicitor?

The short answer is "No" and we explain why here.

Conveyancing is not a matter which requires any face-to-face communication between the solicitor and the client. Your solicitor will need certain items from you - which should be sent by recorded post. These are usually forms of identification - and will be returned to you by recorded post once they have been used.

In circumstances where you do not wish to send the original item to the solicitor you always have the option of sending a witnessed copy.

Please see the following UK Government web-page which offers guidance on this matter:

Some people will choose a local solicitor for the express purpose of being able to meet face-to-face, but this is wholly unnecessary. It can also prove to be very expensive. For example, solicitors based in the North of England have much lower overheads than those based in the South East. The costs of living are lower, salaries are lower, buildings are less expensive and so on. Solicitors based in the South East are more expensive by default - simply because of their overheads. These costs are passed on to you. Additionally, solicitors with dedicated conveyancing departments are better geared-up for handling large volumes of conveyancing cases. These efficiencies of scale are often passed onto clients.

All communication can be easily done by email, telephone and where required, post.

Our solicitors have high-tech case tracking, meaning you can log in 24/7 to review the progress of your case.

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