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Questions & Answers

Q. Should I employ a Taunton solicitor?
A. No, it is not necessary to use a Taunton conveyancer for your conveyancing. The only advantage to using a licensed conveyancer in the locality of Taunton is that you can visit the offices, but you should not need to do this as the vast majority of communications can be undertaken by post..
Q. I have to move to Taunton with my job. Must I appoint a solicitor before I have chosen a house or can I action this after I've made an offer on a property?
A. If you choose a solicitor based on their reputation then you can do so before even locating a property. But your lawyer will be unable to quote you a cost before you place an offer on a known property. Your solicitor can only quote based upon an specific property.
Q. My conveyancing solicitor says I have to have a mining search on a property I am buying in Taunton. Must I have one of these really?
A. Without a mining search you are most likely to run into problems with your mortgage company and your insurance company. Some areas of the UK are riddled with old mine workings, and these can cause subsidence. These can seriously affect a home. If is therefore most important to search with the appropriate coal board to find if there are any workings under your land. You may decide not to advance with the purchase depending on the outcomes of the search.
Q. My solicitor is offering a 'no win - no charge 'option. Does this mean I'll get all my fees paid back if the sale fails?
A. This appears to be a good offer - You will likely find that this applies only to the first transaction that falls through. It also likely only applies to the solicitor's legal fee. Any fees spent on other costs will not usually be returned to you. You can often opt for an indemnity policy which will get all moneys back to you in the event of a fall through - but you will need to speak to an Independent Financial Adviser or insurance broker about that.
Q. Please explain the difference between the legal fee and disbursements?
A. The legal fee is the professional charge that the lawyer charges for their time and expertise. Disbursements are the remaining sundry costs - many of of which cannot be avoided - such as the land registry fee and SDLT. Disbursements may perhaps include items such as identity confirmation, charges for the completion of forms and charges for searches and bank charges for the transfer of money.
Q. I've just heard that the person I am buying my next flat from has gone bankrupt. We have exchanged contracts and completion was to occur next month. Will the transaction now fail?
A. The rules of bankruptcy will prevail and the Trustee will now stand in the shoes of the owner. To avoid any breach of contract the Trustee can compel you to complete the purchase but they can also dissolve the contract if they feel it is an onerous contract; this is on the provision that you have not tendered the purchase money on the day of completion otherwise the Trustee must complete.
Q. The estate agent selling my house has put a sale board up stating SOLD - Subject to Contract. What does this mean?
A. Sold Subject to Contract is a protective device designed to protect both the buyer and seller prior to exchange of contracts. Whilst both parties usually intend to enter into a contract with a view to complete this clause does not bind either party in contract until a proper contract has been drawn up, agreed and signed (exchanged).
Q. I've received and accepted an offer on my house. My buyer is awaiting a mortgage offer before they can proceed. What does this mean?
A. Ideally your buyer should have agreed a mortgage in principle from a lender before they'd started looking for a house. This would have confirmed how much money they can obtain to fund their purchase. The application process would immediately assess whether the lender can provide the money based upon the criteria they prescribe and an 'Offer in Principle' in the form of a letter is normally issued. Sometimes monies may not be made available even though the lending criteria have been met because the lenders funds for the period may have been exhausted.
Q. Can I do my own conveyancing ? I'm not qualified to do so but I understand that I can buy a 'pack' that will contain all the forms I need to help me register the purchase of my house in Taunton.
A. Yes, you could purchase such a pack and D.I.Y your own legal work but there are no small number of pitfalls and without the transaction being straightforward you will undoubtedly come across snags and will wish you had not done this work yourself.
Q. My agent in Taunton has pointed out a solicitor to me. Should I go with this suggestion?
A. That is your choice. It is very likely that your estate agent is either on a commission for making the referral, or will get reciprocal business from the solicitor. In either case, these aren't good reasons for you to choose that solicitor. You would be better doing your own research and selecting a solicitor based on good feedback. Good Price + Good Reviews and Feedback = Good licensed conveyancer.

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Harris Fowler
6 Hammet Street
01823 251515
Alms & Young
Tower Street
01823 337151
Heron Gate Office Park
Hankridge Way
01823 326006
Clarke Willmott & Clarke
Blackbrook Gate
Blackbrook Pk Avenue
01823 442266
P Bartlett
Meare Green
Stoke St. Gregory
01823 490030
East Reach House
East Reach
01823 350650
Shaw Marsden
50 North Street
01823 330944
Davitt Jones Bould
15 The Cr
01823 279279
Edmund Bailhache
Foundry House
Foundry Road
01823 351122
Amicus Solicitors
New Agriculture House
Blackbrook Pk Avenue
01823 353444
12 Hammet Street
01823 337636
Yarris Fowler
6 Hammet Street
01823 251517
Stone Solicitors
12 Middle Street
01823 254242
Porter Dodson
11 Hammet Street
01823 331293
Andrew Rugg
5 Hammet Street
01823 326822
Risdon Hosegood
41-42 High Street
01823 251571

Client Feedback in the Taunton Area

01, April 2020 - Positive Overall

Thanks a lot, very quick job.

TA6 3SF - Mortgage Broker

27, December 2019 - Positive Overall

Good service. It would be better if the client received more regular updates. No other comments, thank you for your service!

TA20 3LA - Client

09, November 2019 - Positive Overall

very good prompt,professionals and very serious.thanks aimee payne!

TA1 1NY - Client

28, August 2019 - Positive Overall

I strongly Recommend Pudsey Legal! Neelam was absolutely Brilliant! there were no issues with the purchase at all and with great communication from the team, the process went through so smoothly!

TA6 5JP - Mortgage Broker

30, January 2019 - Positive Overall

Lovely service, prompt responses- definitely reccomended!

TA6 6YE - Mortgage Broker

11, December 2018 - Positive Overall

I have not had any problems with the purchase, I am very pleased!

TA6 3NB - Mortgage Broker

24, August 2018 - Positive Overall

This was complicated case but dealt with very professionally. there was always a prompt response to any queries.

TA2 7JW - Mortgage Broker

31, July 2018 - Positive Overall

Happy with the way this case has been conducted and finalised

TA1 4DF - Mortgage Broker

29, May 2018 - Positive Overall

I believe Felicity dealt very well with the case and I am very satisfied with the outcome. Would Certainly recommend!

TA1 3EY - Mortgage Broker

04, October 2017 - Positive Overall

Very helpful and kept me in the loop, best thing is the online portal to keep track of progress.

TA1 2LJ - Client

24, August 2017 - Positive Overall

Justine replied to all inquiries and handled them professionally Not an easy case due to the Vendors and it being part of a separation, Good service Thank you Stephen Abbott Financial Services

TA14 6PZ - Mortgage Broker

20, March 2017 - Positive Overall

fast job, all information strigth send to client, nice people

TA6 5BG - Client

03, January 2017 - Positive Overall

Excellent service and speed of payment

TA6 6AH - Mortgage Broker

12, November 2016 - Positive Overall

Anna was a delight to work with, easy communications, accurate and with helpful advice

TA3 6AD - Client

01, July 2015 - Positive Overall

I was extremely pleased with the way my solicitor and his deputy handled my case. All my queries were responded to speedily and efficiently, I never had difficulty getting hold of anybody, and perhaps most of all my concerns were dealt with sympathetically. I will definitely be using again for my next house transaction many thanks much appreciated

TA1 1ER - Client

17, June 2015 - Positive Overall

First time user of this service and was very impressed. Kept up to date via email and case tracking. If needed to speak to someone they were always available and very helpful.

TA1 2QP - Mortgage Broker

07, June 2015 - Positive Overall

Everything was achieved in an efficient and timely manner. Many thanks to Emma.

TA17 8SA - Client

04, June 2015 - Positive Overall

All went smoothly

TA2 8PS - Mortgage Broker

19, April 2015 - Positive Overall

Chadwick Lawrence were brilliant, had separate conveyancing for buying and selling, and different between the two firms was unmeasurable. Suzy Jarzyna was amazing, and chased and pushed for us. Would definitely use Chadwick Lawrence again.

TA2 6HB - Client

12, March 2015 - Positive Overall

Very professional and very approachable, thank you so much :)

TA1 4ET - Client

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