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Q. Do I need to appoint a Enfield licensed conveyancer?
A. No, it is not necessary to use a Enfield solicitor for your conveyancing. The only real advantage to using a solicitor that is local to Enfield is that you can call into their office, but you should not need to do this as most correspondence can be actioned by post..
Q. My conveyancing solicitor says I have to have a mining search on a flat I am buying in Enfield. Do I have to have one of these really?
A. Without a mining search you are very likely to run into problems with your mortgage company and your insurance company. Some spots of the UK are inundated with old mine workings, and these can cause subsidence. These can seriously affect a home. If is therefore most important to search with the appropriate coal board to find if there are any shafts beneath your home. You may decide not to continue with a purchase depending on the reports of the searches.
Q. What is the difference between the professional fee and a disbursement?
A. The legal fee is the professional fee that the lawyer charges for their time and experience. Disbursements are all of the other additional costs - a number of of which must me paid - such as the land registry fee and stamp duty (SDLT). Disbursements may include items such as identity confirmation, charges for the completion of forms and charges for searches and bank fees for transferring money.
Q. Who are the Land Registry?
A. The Land Registry is responsible for maintaining a registry of all land in England and Wales (there is a different body for Scotland). Land which is not registered will not be included in the registry. Registered land is plotted on a map, and is recorded as being the property of the owner. The Land Registry is a UK government organisation.
Q. My estate agent says that I'm in a Negative Equity situation.. What is this?
A. Negative Equity is the circumstance where you find that the amount required to repay your mortgage on your current home is higher than the sum you can sell it for.
Q. Can I buy a flat with cash?
A. No. There are money laundering regulations that solicitors and estate agents have to abide by. Payments must be transacted via UK banks and building societies only. Monies provided through other sources would have to be reported to an Organised Crime body of the police.
Q. I've just heard that the person I am buying my next home from has gone bankrupt. We have exchanged contracts and completion was to take place next week. Will the matter now fail?
A. The rules of bankruptcy will prevail and the Trustee will now stand in the shoes of the owner. To avoid any breach of contract the Trustee can compel you to complete the purchase but they can also dissolve the contract if they feel it is an onerous contract; this is on the proviso that you have not tendered the purchase money on the day of completion otherwise the Trustee must complete.
Q. I am selling a home in Enfield. I've been sent a 'Pre-Contract Enquiries' form. What is this for?
A. It is usual procedure for the vendor of a property to receive such a form in all instances. The form requires you to disclose any material facts to the purchaser that are known about the property which are outside the terms of the main contract of sale.
Q. What is a coal mining search? I'm buying a flat in Enfield and I've been told by my solicitor that I need one of these.
A. The reason for this type of search is to reveal any prior works, any reported subsidence and any plans for planned future mining operations in an area. It is usually known if a particular area will need such a search, especially if the area has a known past of mining. The search is requested of the local Coal Board office.
Q. I want to buy a house that is coming up for sale in an auction. When should I instruct a conveyancer?
A. With an auction property, never engage appoint a solicitor after you have purchased the property particularly if it is leasehold. It is always advisable to let your conveyancer take a look at things that could result in a future problem for you before you commit your funds.

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Curwens Solicitors
Crossfield House
Gladbeck Way
020 83634444
36 The Town
020 83636671
Bedfords Solicitors
18 Silver Street
0800 435192
A V Rillo
Gorray House
758-760 Great Cambridge Road
020 83722095
Weld & Beavan
32 Little Park Gardens
020 83631281
A V Rillo & Co
760 Great Cambridge Road
020 83673111
Christos Wybrew
39a Church Street
020 83661345
Jeremy Fear & Co
1 Genotin Ter
020 83617915
Vanderpump & Sykes
2 Gladbeck Way
020 83673999
Anderson Fidler
Wickham House
464 Lincoln Road
020 88046596
Meldrum Young
8-9 Genotin Ter
020 83667582
Barker Gooch & Swailes
1 Cecil Court
London Road
020 83663161
Howard Gross & Co
34-38 Church Street
020 83634343
Pattichi Hill & Croques
8 Alexandra Road
020 88052505
J C Cleverdon
7 Rendlesham Road
020 83675375
151 Lancaster Road
020 83644249

Client Feedback in the Enfield Area

10, April 2020 - Positive Overall

helpful polite and curtious at all times A very good service in very difficult times

EN7 6HY - Client

28, March 2020 - Positive Overall

Lindsey and her colleagues provided us with a highly professional service from the beginning to the end of our house sale and purchase. She was always available to answer our questions and assist us whenever we needed advice. We were very satisfied with the service provided by Beaumont Legal and would highly recommend them to anyone who requires a conveyancer.

EN9 1HJ - Client

06, March 2020 - Positive Overall

All completed

EN4 9BY - Mortgage Broker

28, February 2020 - Positive Overall

Great communication throughout the whole remortgage. Luke is very professional. will highly recommended this firm.

EN7 5NX - Client

05, February 2020 - Positive Overall

Eleanor was always very helpful on every occasion that I spoke with her.

EN2 0HP - Client

03, February 2020 - Positive Overall

Buyer pulled out - Dont think they were serious!

EN8 7QZ - Mortgage Broker

05, November 2019 - Positive Overall

Daniel was absolutely brilliant. Kept me informed all the regarding completion of my remortgage. We even spoke with regards to the ERC and he made sure that we would complete on a date that would avoid paying the penalty so thus benefiting me immensely. He very polite and professional and it was a pleasure to deal with him directly. Thank you so much Daniel

EN10 6FT - Client

16, October 2019 - Positive Overall

Excellent communication throughout, positive experience for both broker and clients. Thank you Gary, Kitty and Fabian for your assistance in bringing this matter to a successful conclusion. I look forward to working with you again shortly. Madhu, Mission Mortgages Ltd.

EN2 0SR - Mortgage Broker

01, October 2019 - Positive Overall

Efficient !

EN5 3LL - Client

27, June 2019 - Positive Overall

Happy FTB client. Happy broker. Many thanks to J W Davies for an effortless transaction.

EN9 1XB - Mortgage Broker

26, April 2019 - Positive Overall

Superb service received from the Solicitors through the completion of the sale of the clients property. Always available either on the phone or by e-mail with a prompt reply. Would recommend then to anyone.

EN3 4RG - Mortgage Broker

19, November 2018 - Positive Overall

good job

EN3 7LX - Mortgage Broker

05, August 2018 - Positive Overall

Ben , Lorna & Zoe was fantastic dealing with our case buying our home and we are so pleased with what they did. There was 1 tiny mistake but corrected it in super time. I would like to say a great big thank you for what they have done for us.

EN7 5DU - Client

21, June 2018 - Positive Overall

We first had Sonia Drayton who was very unhelpful however once Rachel Kirkham took over our case she really got things moving. Can�t thank her enough, excellent Solicitor and pulled out all the stops for us!! Highly recommend her

EN6 3EL - Client

03, February 2018 - Positive Overall

Really happy with our service, quick turnaround on everything even though the other side was constantly holding things up. Always kept me up to date with progress and explained everything in detail so that we could understand. Would definitely recommend Bromets.

EN10 6RW - Client

01, February 2018 - Positive Overall

Overall it�s positive (we bought a house and all docs were ready on time), however there are some things I�d like to mention as it�s always a room for improvement. 1) looks like there were two solicitors on the case Emma and Sarah which was confusing a bit who is actually responsible at the end 2) response time for simple questions on email was way too long 3) some of the things we have to clarify through financial adviser as the responses we would get assumed people didn�t even have time to read our emails 4) calculations on the final statement were three times incorect - initial statement incorrect, then ask for additional �1.7k, then ask for additional �1017 while the correct amount is �1019 as confirmed by financial advisors :)

EN6 2BD - Client

27, November 2017 - Positive Overall

Fantastic Solicitor and will definitely recommend to friends/families.

EN7 6NE - Client

12, November 2017 - Positive Overall

Great communication throughout the remortgage processing

EN7 6XH - Client

01, November 2017 - Positive Overall

Thank you very much for your help and support.

EN3 6BX - Client

28, October 2017 - Positive Overall

I was always kept in the loop with the online portal Suzy kept me up to date with the process and was clear in what was needed at each step of the way

EN3 5EA - Client

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