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Q. The person doing the conveyancing work on the house I'm buying in Brighton is a legal executive and not a solicitor. Is this allright?
A. Providing there is a lawyer checking the work, and having the final sign-off, then this is considered usual practice. The solicitor is an expert in property law so it is not unusual for them to have competent people working under them to perform some of the more routine items. You can also use a licenced conveyancer to do your conveyancing. This person may not be a solicitor but is still fully qualified to do the work.
Q. I want to purchase a house in Brighton. Is there much difference in the nature of the conveyancing work to be actioned when buying a flat as opposed to a house?
A. Flats are usually "Leasehold" - that is, somebody else owns the land on which the flats are built. There is also the matter of shared spaces, such as lifts. This results in more work for the solicitor to do, as the transaction is more complicated.
Q. I'm buying a flat in Brighton for my daughter to attend medical college next year. I expect to pay around £150,000. Will I have to pay stamp duty?
A. Unless your property is exempt for a reason (such as objective one status) you must pay stamp duty, (SDLT) on any purchase value above £125,000. SDLT is payable in slices. Visit for the details.
Q. What is the difference between the legal fee and other charges?
A. The legal fee is the professional fee that the property lawyer charges for their effort and experience. Disbursements are all of the other additional costs - many of of which must me paid - such as the land registry fee and stamp duty (SDLT). Disbursements should include things such as identity confirmation, form completion charges and search charges and bank costs for transferring money.
Q. Who are the Land Registry?
A. The Land Registry is responsible for maintaining a registry of all land in England and Wales (there is a different body for Scotland). Unregistered land will not be included in the registry. Registered land is indicated on a map, and is recorded as being the property of the owner. The Land Registry is a UK government body.
Q. Can I use a licensed conveyancer instead of a solicitor to execute my property purchase in Brighton ?
A. Usually, the answer would be Yes, but there are a number of instances where using a property lawyer to help you purchase your property in Brighton would be the best option.
Q. I'm buying my first property and Ihave been advised that I should get a NHBS Certificate with it. What is this all about?
A. It's a warranty offered by the builder of the property that lasts ten years from the completion of the initial build so it's only available on new or recently constructed houses. The first 2 years will cover the buyer against any defects found to be in existence due to non-compliance with NHBS regulations. The builder will have to make good any major structural problems discovered during this initial guarantee 24 month period. The next 8 year period is known as the structural guarantee period and the buyer will be reimbursed for any costs of putting right any major structural problems discovered to the extent of those costs not covered by insurance.
Q. Can I do my own conveyancing ? I'm not qualified to do so but I understand that I can buy a 'pack' that will contain all the forms I need to help me register the purchase of my home in Brighton.
A. Yes, you could obtain a self conveyancing pack and undertake your own conveyancing but there are a multitude of drawbacks and without the transaction being simple you will undoubtedly run into snags and will wish you had not attempted this work yourself.
Q. I want to buy a flat in Brighton. I have placed an offer through a estate agent and it was accepted so I've appointed a surveyor to conduct an inspection of the property but my property agent has let me know that I have been gazumped. What does this mean?
A. This means that another person has made a higher offer than yours which has been accepted by the vendor. It is a naughty practice but not illegal, just a bit unscrupulous. The estate agent has an obligation to convey all offers to the seller and providing sale contracts have not been exchanged you can't sue for any breach as a proper contract has not been formed yet.
Q. My solicitor said I will be required to purchase searches. What are these for ?
A. Searches are a critical aspect of conveyancing on a Brighton property purchase. Searches do all of the digging into the property, so that you know precisely what you are purchasing. Are there any environmental snags? Are there trees that are protected? Are there covenants on the land or property? Are there mine-workings in the area of it? Are you the responsible party for contributing to the repair of the parish church? Has proper planning permission been granted for any work done on the property? This is to name a few. A little money spent on searches prior to purchase can save a lot of heartache, and could rescue you from buying a property that you will later regret.

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Client Feedback in the Brighton Area

14, May 2020 - Positive Overall

Considering the recent circumstances with Covid-19 this purchase went through with little issue. Many thanks

BN3 5PF - Mortgage Broker

24, March 2020 - Positive Overall

Beverley is very kind and helpful to us. She made sure that everything is done but sadly we have to cancel for some unforeseeable circumstances.

BN11 4ED - Client

20, March 2020 - Positive Overall

Unfortunately the purchase fell through but no issues with the legal aspects

BN43 5RJ - Mortgage Broker

13, March 2020 - Positive Overall

Reinstructed as advised

BN3 4JQ - Mortgage Broker

13, March 2020 - Positive Overall

Very helpful and friendly just unfortunate purchase fell through but can't be helped

BN3 1FJ - Mortgage Broker

25, February 2020 - Positive Overall

Love working with these guys hence I keep putting cases their way. Thanks as always for working with me on this case. James

BN41 1XE - Mortgage Broker

08, January 2020 - Positive Overall

Was really helpful and responsive to my requests. Customer did mention a couple of occasions where she struggled to get through or replies but I never had an issue when I followed up so hopefully this was a minor oversight. Happily will use again and already instructed my next case. Thank you.

BN15 8DD - Mortgage Broker

03, January 2020 - Positive Overall

The best we've dealt with yet. Clearer than any other solicitors we've used. Will use again.

BN2 8FF - Client

19, November 2019 - Positive Overall

Debra was efficient and reliable in answering my emails and kept me up to date at all times

BN3 3BH - Client

02, November 2019 - Positive Overall

Efficient and helpful. Thank you

BN3 8EZ - Client

29, October 2019 - Positive Overall

Clients overall happy with the service provided. Did however mention there was some points during the process that they felt were a bit slow

BN7 1LU - Mortgage Broker

24, October 2019 - Positive Overall

Accurate details provided, helpful, supportive attitude, polite and friendly. Lucy was always courteous and able to answer any questions, clarify any issues about the conveyancing process. She was generally efficient and effective. Very pleasant. Only suggestion: It was difficult to get hold of Lucy sometimes; I assume she was very busy or worked part time. There should be a system to speak to another named person. This happened on occasion and was perfectly acceptable, but was not always on offer.

BN18 9HL - Client

10, October 2019 - Positive Overall

Aimee was very thorough, efficient and a good communicator. I would not hesitate in recommending her.

BN7 1PX - Client

01, August 2019 - Positive Overall

Overall, Amir at Latimer Lee was great. The process was much more complex than we initially thought it would be thanks to a third party solicitor, but this was all taken in stride and worked well.

BN12 4RN - Client

15, July 2019 - Positive Overall

Excellent Service, very prompt and helpful. Plenty of updates throughout the process

BN25 2TH - Mortgage Broker

22, June 2019 - Positive Overall

Very efficient.

BN3 1SJ - Client

25, April 2019 - Positive Overall

Everything went very smmoothly and when i spoke to the company action was taken immediately although it was a little difficult to sometimes reach the solicitor directly.

BN7 2BL - Client

26, March 2019 - Positive Overall

Very happy with service in general. Managed smoothly even through a conveyencer leaving during the process.

BN18 0SR - Client

15, February 2019 - Positive Overall

Andrew responded promptly to e mails and phone calls with clear information. He seemed to keep abreast of all the ongoing issue, giving us complete confidence in him.

BN13 3EJ - Client

04, January 2019 - Positive Overall

Excellent Service! Highly Recommend

BN1 6GA - Mortgage Broker

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