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Q. The person doing the conveyancing work on the house I'm buying in Braintree is a legal executive and not a solicitor. Is this ok?
A. Providing there is a lawyer overseeing the work, and having the final sign-off, then this is considered usual practice. The solicitor is an expert in property law so it is not unusual for them to have competent people working under them to undertake some of the more mundane tasks. You can also use a licenced conveyancer to do your conveyancing. This person may not be a solicitor but is still fully qualified to do the work.
Q. I'm buying a flat in Braintree for my nephew to attend dental college next year. I expect to pay around £150,000. Will I have to pay stamp duty?
A. Unless the property is excluded for a reason (such as objective one status) you must pay stamp duty, (SDLT) on any purchase value above £125,000. SDLT is payable in bands. Visit for the details.
Q. Will I need the solicitor to do a Chancel Search?
A. There could well be be a Chancel repair obligation - which is a legal requirement for some home owners in Braintree to make a contribution towards repairs to the local parish church. Your lawyer will let you know if you are advised to have a Chancel search.
Q. What is the difference between the legal fee and disbursements?
A. The legal fee is the professional charge that the conveyancing solicitor charges for their time and experience. Disbursements are all of the other sundry costs - many of of which are unavoidable - such as the land registry charge and SDLT (stamp duty land tax). Disbursements may perhaps include items such as identity checks, form completion charges and charges for searches and bank costs for the transfer of money.
Q. Who are the Land Registry?
A. The Land Registry is responsible for maintaining a register of all land in England and Wales (there is a different registry for Scotland). Unregistered land will not appear in the registry. Land which is registered is indicated on a map, and is recorded as belonging to the owner. The Land Registry is a UK government organisation.
Q. What is the Land Registry charge?
A. The is the money payable to the Land Registry for registering your land.
Q. What does 'Exchange of Contract' mean?
A. Historically contracts would be drawn up and signed and exchanged in person. Today, with more transactions happening - (probably 125,000 a month) it has become more difficult to do this so nowadays exchange by telephone or post is more usual. The buyer will have received the contract drawn up by the vendors solicitor and they will sign it and post it to their solicitor who will add the agreed completion date to the contract then forward it to the sellers solicitor who will forward it to the seller to sign. The contract will be held by the sellers solicitor until completion is to occur.
Q. I own a house with my sister which we inherited years ago. I want to raise a mortgage on my half but have been informed that the house has not been registered with HM Land Registry. To complicate things I can't find the deeds. Can you advise please?
A. First off, try and find where the deeds are. Try to remember who did the legal work when the house was placed into your ownership and contact them first. You'll probably find that the documents are in storage somewhere. When you have located these, you should then contact your nearest Land Registry office for advice on registering the house.
Q. There may be a new Greenfield new-homes project occurring in Braintree. What is a Greenfield site?
A. The term Greenfield as applied to land or a site describes undeveloped land in a place which might be land which has been utilised for agriculture or it could just be country land. This could be an existing open field, or a place that is normally closed to the masses. Generally it can be taken that a Greenfield site is the opposite to a Brownfield one.
Q. My agent in Braintree has suggested a solicitor to me. Should I go for this suggestion?
A. That is ultimately your choice. It is likely that your agent is either on a commission for the recommendation, or will receive reciprocal trade from the conveyancer. In either case, these are not good reasons for you to instruct that solicitor. You are better off doing your own investigation and choosing a solicitor based on good reviews. Good Price plus Good Reviews and Feedback = Good lawyer.

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14, December 2017 - Positive Overall

Customers very happy with the speed and professionalism of the service. Cost wise cheaper than nay one locally. May well revisit the same firm for their next move!. Thanks Trevor

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24, November 2017 - Positive Overall

Quick, easy, smooth, straightforward & a keen price too. Kept well informed of progress and easy to communicate - mainly by email / portal. Overall very happy.

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19, October 2016 - Positive Overall

Easy transaction for us, was kept well informed and updated every step , would recommend

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Great and efficient service.

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05, October 2016 - Positive Overall

Great and efficient service.

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