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Q. My local solicitor in Bradford has given me a quotation of £1,200 for a property purchase. Can I save my hard earned cash by avoiding appointing a web-based lawyer?
A. The cost of the conveyancing is affected by numerous factors. Various disbursements (such as the land registry fee and SDLT) are calculated on a sliding scale of rates, based on the purchase price of your property. The legal fee will also be affected by this. Your best option is to compare a range of quotations from different solicitors, and read reviews left by other clients on their performance. Only then can you decide who is offering the best service at the best price.
Q. My conveyancing solicitor says I have to have a mining search on a flat I am buying in Bradford. Do I have to have one of these really?
A. Without a mining search you are very likely to run into problems with your mortgage company and your insurance company. Some areas of the United Kingdom are infested with old mining workings, and these can cause subsidence. This can seriously de-value a home. If is therefore highly important to search with the responsible coal board to discover if there are any shafts near-to your house. You may decide not to proceed with the purchase depending on the results of the searches.
Q. I've moved to Bradford to be near my boyfriend. How do I find a solicitor to conduct my conveyancing when I find the right property.?
A. You could drive up the High-Street and look for a local conveyancer; search in Google maps or look one up in the Thompson Directory. However, using the Internet could be best. The internet brings two main advantages to you. (1) You will probably get a much better quote by shopping around and comparing quotes. (2) You can read reviews to see who is going to do the best work for you. It is the balance between price and quality that should look for.
Q. My solicitor is offering a 'no win - no fee 'option. Does this mean I'll get all my money back if the sale falls through?
A. This is a good offer - You will normally find that this applies only to the first transaction that fails. It also probably only applies to the solicitor's professional fee. Any moneys spent on disbursements will not normally likely be returned to you. You can often opt for an insurance policy which will get all costs back to you in the case of a failure - but you will need to speak to an IFA or insurance broker about that.
Q. What is the Land Registry charge?
A. The is the money payable to the Land Registry for registering your plot of land.
Q. Can I do my own conveyancing ? I'm not qualified to do so but I understand that I can buy a 'pack' that will contain all the forms I need to help me register the purchase of my property in Bradford.
A. Yes, you could obtain a self conveyancing pack and transact your own legal work but there are many pitfalls and unless the transaction is uncomplicated you will likely stumble upon snags and will wish you hadn't done this work yourself.
Q. I want to buy a property that will be coming up for sale in an auction. When should I engage a conveyancer?
A. With an auction property, never instruct a solicitor after you have acquired the property especially if it is subject to a lease. It is always advisable to let your conveyancer take a look at items that could result in a future problem for you before you commit your funds.
Q. I live in Bradford and want to buy another property in this area. I've found some Web-based Conveyancing services which seem to be much cheaper than employing a local conveyancer. Can I appoint one of these without regret?
A. In short, yes - A conveyancer does not have to be local to you to do the work. It is far better to read reviews on the Internet service to be certain that they are giving a good level of service.
Q. What's the difference between a licensed conveyancer and a solicitor? Are they less expensive?
A. A licenced conveyancer does not have to be a solicitor (although they may be). Some solicitors could operate as licenced conveyancers, rather than as a solicitor to save money on the professional indemnity costs to their business. Licensed conveyancers are still members of a regulated body ( and are qualified to do the work of conveyancing. It is possible that a minor saving may be achieved by using a licenced conveyancer inpreference to a solicitor - but this isn't always the case.
Q. My agent in Bradford has pointed out a solicitor to me. Should I accept this recommendation?
A. That is your decision. It is probable that your estate agent is either on a commission for making the referral, or will get reciprocal trade from the conveyancing solicitor. In either case, these aren't good reasons for you to select that solicitor. You are better off doing your own research and selecting a solicitor based on good reviews. Good Price + Good Reviews and Feedback = Good conveyancing solicitor.

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Patel & Bhatoa
National House
951 Leeds Road
West Yorkshire
01274 669023
Opus Law
18-20 Piccadilly
West Yorkshire
01274 733799
Peterken Nick Solicitor
Cheapside Chambers
43 Cheapside
West Yorkshire
01274 733322
Browns Solicitors Ltd
Auburn House
Upper Piccadilly
West Yorkshire
0800 393228
Sampson Horner
233 High Street
West Yorkshire
01274 601225
Michael Ryan
Cheapside Chambers
West Yorkshire
01274 727780
99 Manningham Lane
West Yorkshire
01274 391767
174 Westgate
West Yorkshire
01274 727773
Simpson Duxbury
2 Tyrrel Street
West Yorkshire
01274 731615
Applebys Solicitors
44 Sunbridge Road
West Yorkshire
01274 728838
Kenningham Underwood Armstrong
Auburn House
8 Upper Piccadilly
West Yorkshire
01274 720001
The Malik Partnership
6 Hallfield Road
West Yorkshire
01274 747200
Schofield Sweeney
1 Valley Court
West Yorkshire
01274 306000
Ismail & Ghani
8-9 Southbrook Ter
West Yorkshire
01274 737546
Whitaker Firth
1 Manor Row
West Yorkshire
01274 381901
Williscroft & Co Solicitors
Pickwork Works
17 Peckover Street
West Yorkshire
01274 305380
Lumb & Macgill
Leeds House
4 James Street
West Yorkshire
01274 730666
John Kelly & Co
Royal Chambers
2 Upper Piccadilly
West Yorkshire
01274 307060
43 Cheapside
West Yorkshire
01274 732111
McManus Seddon
Midland House
14 Cheapside
West Yorkshire
01274 741841

Client Feedback in the Bradford Area

23, June 2019 - Positive Overall

Quite speedy on complicated case .

BD23 1NA - Mortgage Broker

11, June 2019 - Positive Overall

Bhavna is an amazing solicitor with such little time and so much pressure from the other side she came through honestly I could not have had a better solicitor than her she is so professional as well as so understanding at one point with such tight deadlines I thought I would loose the house but she worked extra hard and got me my dream home cannot thank her enough

BD8 0ER - Client

24, January 2019 - Positive Overall


BD13 2JH - Mortgage Broker

10, January 2019 - Positive Overall

Regular updates and everything completed smoothly

BD13 2FF - Mortgage Broker

05, June 2018 - Positive Overall

Thanks Daniel for keeping me in the loop at most stages

BD2 1DH - Mortgage Broker

04, June 2018 - Positive Overall

Very easy and fast work, was dealt with very quickly without any issues. Would Recommend.

BD2 1DH - Client

01, June 2018 - Positive Overall

Good communication on the whole

BD10 9QG - Mortgage Broker

27, March 2018 - Positive Overall

Unfortunately we had a difficult time whereby our buyers were constantly obstructing the progress of the sale of our property and under these very frustrating circumstances Bromets acted in the very best way possible and the collapse of the chain could not have been avoided. We were very happy with Bromets and will have no hesitation in using them when we put the property back on the market again next time.

BD10 0BB - Client

24, January 2018 - Positive Overall

Many thanks

BD11 1ND - Mortgage Broker

11, December 2017 - Positive Overall

Beaumont legal made buying a house experience a easy one for a first time buy and that was all down to Areeba Vikar who I was dealing with, easy to communicate and find out any information I need to to know. Will definitely be recommending and coming back in future. Thanks Areeba

BD18 2DS - Client

31, October 2017 - Positive Overall

Good service when starting the purchase but purchase could not go through

BD14 6JT - Client

08, September 2017 - Positive Overall


BD18 1PG - Mortgage Broker

17, May 2017 - Positive Overall

Extremely profesional and helpful. couldn't have asked for more. i will definitely be using you again in the future.

BD18 1PG - Client

20, April 2017 - Positive Overall

We completed on the date we requested, however I had to chase paperwork that had been sent but misplaced.

BD4 9PL - Client

03, April 2017 - Positive Overall

A good update service. Solicitors were proactive from start to finish.

BD20 5WF - Mortgage Broker

20, March 2017 - Positive Overall

Jill and Kerry. Were really helpful, could not fault them, and would use again. Made a very stressful process a lot less stressful. 10/10

BD10 8TY - Client

17, February 2017 - Positive Overall

Very professional and offered a high level of support and advise.

BD2 4ER - Client

30, January 2017 - Positive Overall

very good use you again next time

BD4 8HH - Client

24, November 2016 - Positive Overall

Excellent firm to deal with

BD13 1QP - Mortgage Broker

11, August 2016 - Positive Overall

they were very helpful and worked very fast on everything no complaints and now working on another property hope for good and quick turn round. kind regards Mrs J GREENWOOD

BD18 1PS - Client

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