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Q. Must I use a West Moors conveyancer?
A. No, it is not necessary to use a West Moors solicitor for your conveyancing. The only real advantage to instructing a lawyer in the locality of West Moors is that you can pop into their offices, but you should not need to do this as the vast majority of communications can be done by post..
Q. I'm buying a flat in West Moors for my son to attend dental college next year. I expect to pay around £165,000. Will I have to pay stamp duty?
A. Unless your property is exempt for a reason (such as objective one status) you must pay stamp duty, (SDLT) on any purchase value above £125,000. SDLT is payable in slices. Visit https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/rates-and-allowances-stamp-duty-land-tax/stamp-duty-land-tax-rates for the details.
Q. I want to own a home in West Moors and I need to have the conveyancing work done when I do. I've seen conveyancing advertised online from £125. Do you think these rates are correct or are they excluding things like additional costs?
A. These websites are normally only showing the "Legal Fee" which is the solicitor's professional fee for their time. Any legal fee under £99 is very suspicious. This would barely cover the time charge involved in handling your conveyancing. You are very likely to find other costs heavily inflated to make up the shortfall. For example you may pay over the odds for searches. It is very deceptive quoting a low legal fee without notifying you of all of the extra charges, some of which like the land registry fee cannot be excluded.
Q. I've moved to West Moors to be near my girlfriend. How do I decide upon a solicitor to do my conveyancing when I find the right house.?
A. You could walk up the Main-Street and look for a local solicitor; look in Google maps or look one up in the Thompson Directory. However, using the w w web could be best. The internet brings two main advantages to you. (1) You will likely get a much better price by shopping around and comparing quotations. (2) You can read reviews to see who is going to do the best job for you. It is the balance between price and quality that should look for.
Q. I am buying a new flat and selling my present one in West Moors. What happens to my present mortgage on completion?
A. Your current mortgage must be paid off in full on the day of completion. Your solicitor will obtain a mortgage redemption statement pre and closer when exchange of contracts is near. The redemption amount will include any extra costs added for early repayment or similar charges.
Q. Can you give me an idea how much conveyancing costs or what I should be paying on average to have the conveyancing done for me by a qualified solicitor.
A. It depends on whether you are buying or selling or both. Typically selling a house is less expensive as there's less work to do on the solicitors part. If you are living in a property you have to sell before you can buy another then there will be 2 lots of fees.
Q. I'm buying my first property and Ihave been advised that I should get a NHBS Certificate with it. What is this all about?
A. It's a warranty offered by the builder of the property that lasts ten years from the completion of the initial build so it's only available on new or recently built houses. The first 2 years will cover the buyer against any defects found to be in existence due to not complying with NHBS regulations. The builder will have to make good any major structural problems found during this initial guarantee 2 year period. The next 8 year period is known as the structural guarantee period and the buyer will be reimbursed for any costs of putting right any major structural problems discovered to the extent of those costs not covered by an insurance policy.
Q. What is a coal mining search? I'm buying a flat in West Moors and I've been told by my solicitor that I need one of these.
A. The reason for this type of search is to reveal any prior workings, any reported subsidence and any proposals for planned future mining operations in an area. It is generally known that a particular area will need such a search, especially if the area has a known history of mining. The search is requested of the local Coal Board office.
Q. I want to buy a property that will be coming up for sale in an auction. When should I engage a conveyancer?
A. With an auction property, never engage appoint a conveyancer after you've purchased the property especially if it is leasehold. It is always best to let your solicitor take a look at matters that could result in a future problem for you before you commit your funds.

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