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Q. I want to purchase a home in Wallisdown. Is there much difference in the nature of the conveyancing work to be actioned when purchasing a flat as opposed to a house?
A. Flats are usually "Leasehold" - i.e., another party owns the land on which the flats are built. There is also the matter of shared spaces, like lifts. This means that there is more work for the solicitor to do, as the transaction is more complicated.
Q. I'm buying a flat in Wallisdown for my son to attend vetinary college next year. I expect to pay around £165,000. Will I have to pay stamp duty?
A. Unless your flat is excluded for some reason (such as objective one status) you must pay stamp duty, (SDLT) on any purchase value above £125,000. SDLT is payable in slices. Visit https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/rates-and-allowances-stamp-duty-land-tax/stamp-duty-land-tax-rates for the details.
Q. I've moved to Wallisdown to be near my girlfriend. How do I find a solicitor to do my conveyancing when I find the right house.?
A. You could drive down the High-Street and look for a local solicitor; search in Google maps or find one in the Yellow Pages. However, using the web could be best. The internet brings two main positives to you. (1) You will likely get a much better quotation by shopping around and comparing quotations. (2) You can read reviews to establish who is going to do the best job for you. It is the balance between price and quality that should look for.
Q. My conveyancer is offering a 'no win - no fee 'option. Does this mean I'll get all my money refunded if the transaction fails?
A. This appears to be a good offer - You will usually discover that this applies only to the first transaction that falls through. It also probably only applies to the solicitor's professional fee. Any fees spent on other costs will not normally likely be returned to you. You could opt for an insurance policy which will get all moneys back to you in the case of a fall through - but you will need to speak to an Independent Financial Adviser or insurance broker about that.
Q. My conveyancer has asked me to provide proof of identification as I am selling a house in Wallisdown. Is this usual?
A. This proof must be obtained to comply with the Council of Mortgage Lenders guidelines on money-laundering.
Q. I've received and accepted an offer on my property. My buyer is awaiting a mortgage offer before they can proceed. What does this mean?
A. Ideally your buyer should have agreed a mortgage in principle from a lender before they'd started looking for a house. This would have confirmed how much money they can get to fund their purchase. The application process would immediately assess whether the lender can provide the loan based upon the criteria they prescribe and an 'Offer in Principle' in the form of a letter is normally issued. Sometimes monies may not be made available even though the lending criteria have been met because the lenders quota for the period may have been exhausted.
Q. What is a coal mining search? I'm buying a house in Wallisdown and I've been told by my solicitor that I need one of these.
A. The reason for this type of search is to reveal any past works, any reported subsidence and any plans for planned future mining workings in an area. It is usually known that a particular area will need such a search, especially if the area has a known history for mining. The search is requested of the local Coal Board office.
Q. Do I have to pay Capital Gains tax if I sell my house?
A. It depends on your tax status and other factors but generally, if the house in question has been lived in by you as your main residence during the period of ownership, then no CGT is payable.
Q. I'm placing an offer for a house in Wallisdown . How long does it take to complete the conveyancing work once I have appointed a conveyancer?
A. It usually depends on how quick both party's solicitors can work. You could have a good and efficient solicitor but if the other party utilise a overworked conveyancer the matter might drag on. An ideal situation where both solicitors are competent should result in your work being completed within 6 weeks.
Q. Are your prices all-inclusive for Wallisdown conveyancing?
A. Yes - we take special care to ensure that our quotes show all charges. No charges are hidden. Everything is totally disclosed.

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19, July 2019 - Positive Overall

All good, very efficient and great value.

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07, April 2012 - Positive Overall

What started as a simple transaction got more complicated which proved no problem to Jenny Newsum. I cannot speak highly enough of the service she provided, so much so that I have already placed further business with her. She was always available both by phone and email and it is true there is no problem having a firm which is not local to you. Anyone using Chadwick Lawrence is making a good decision in my opinion.

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