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Q. I want to own a house in Walkford and I need to have the conveyancing work done when I do. I've seen these services advertised online from £99. Do you think these prices are right or are they excluding things like postage costs?
A. These websites are normally only showing the "Legal Fee" which is the solicitor's professional fee for their time. Any legal fee under £125 is very suspicious. This would barely meet the time cost involved in handling your conveyancing. You are very likely to find other costs heavily inflated to make up the loss. E.G. you may pay over the odds for searches. It is very naughty quoting a low legal fee without showing all of the additional costs, some of which like the stamp duty fee cannot be avoided.
Q. My conveyancing solicitor is offering a 'no complete - no charge 'option. Does this mean I'll get all my fees paid returned if the purchase fails?
A. This appears to be a great offer - You will likely find that this applies only to the first transaction that fails. It also normally only applies to the solicitor's legal costs. Any fees spent on disbursements will not normally likely be returned to you. You can often opt for an insurance policy which will get all costs back to you in the event of a failure - but you will need to speak to an IFA or insurance broker about that.
Q. Can I pay for a property with cash?
A. No. There are money laundering regulations that solicitors and estate agents have to align to. Payments must be made through UK banks and building societies only. Funds provided from other sources would be reportable to an Organised Crime body of the police.
Q. Can you give me an idea how much conveyancing costs or what I should be paying on average to have the conveyancing done for me by a qualified solicitor.
A. It depends on whether you are buying or selling or both. Typically selling a house is cheaper as there's less work to do on the solicitors part. Obviously, if you are living in a property you have to sell before you can buy another then there will be 2 sets of costs.
Q. My solicitor has asked me to provide proof of identification as I am buying a house in Walkford. Is this usual?
A. This proof must be obtained to comply with the Council of Mortgage Lenders guidelines on money-laundering.
Q. Can I use a licensed conveyancer instead of a lawyer to perform my property purchase in Walkford ?
A. Normally, the answer would be Yes, but there are a number of circumstances where using a conveyancing solicitor to assist you to buy your house in Walkford would be the best option.
Q. What does 'Exchange of Contract' mean?
A. Prior to present times contracts would be drawn up and signed and exchanged in person. Today, with more transactions happening - (probably 120,000 a month) it has become harder to do this so nowadays exchange by telephone or post is more commonplace. The purchaser will have been in receipt of the contract prepared by the sellers conveyancer and they will sign it and post it to their solicitor who will add the agreed completion date to the contract then forward it to the sellers solicitor who will forward it to the seller to sign. The contract will be held by the sellers solicitor until completion is to occur.
Q. Do I have to pay Capital Gains tax if I sell my house?
A. It depends on your tax status and other factors but generally, if the house in question has been occupied by you as your main residence during the period of ownership, then no CGT is payable.
Q. They are building some new housing on a Brownfield site in Walkford. Can you tell me what a Brownfield site is?
A. Brownfield normally describes disused land which has normally been prior used for industrial purposes. These sites are particularly located in rural areas. Often, the land is contaminated so will need to be decontaminated before it can be used for residential purposes again. Usually traces of contaminants such as asbestos can usually be found on these sites.
Q. My property is in Walkford and want to buy another house in this area. I've found a number of Internet Conveyancing services which appear to be far less expensive than using a locally based conveyancer. Can I employ one of these without regret?
A. Yes - A solicitor does not need to be in your locality to do a good job. It is far better to read reviews on the Internet firm to ensure that they are giving a good level of service.

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7a Oak Tree Parade
BH23 8AB
01425 673994
Simpkins & Co
Suite 5/Brearley House
278 Lymington Road
BH23 5ET
01425 276600
11 The Saxon Centre
BH23 1PZ
01202 499255
Williams Thompson
Bridge House
Castle Street
BH23 1DX
01202 484242
Dixon Stewart Webb
372 Lymington Road
BH23 5HA
01425 279222
Billins & Co
22 High Street
BH23 1AY
01202 480343
Morris Scott & Co
280 Lymington Road
BH23 5ET
01425 278866
Roy Smith & Co
47 Bargates
BH23 1QD
01202 473413

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17, February 2020 - Positive Overall

Great Service, thank you!

BH23 8NG - Mortgage Broker

08, May 2018 - Positive Overall

Suzy and Julie her assistant were brilliant. Fastest people I've dealt with, and what made me really happy was they chased the other side without me having to ask. Top marks!

BH23 3BG - Mortgage Broker

07, May 2018 - Positive Overall

Very good service and would gladly highly recommend them to anyone selling a property

BH23 3BG - Client

07, July 2017 - Positive Overall

Very prompt and efficient service

BH23 5QQ - Client

27, May 2011 - Positive Overall

really good value all went really smoothly

BH23 8AJ - Client

23, April 2011 - Positive Overall

If you are lucky enough to have Emma Liddle handling your case be assured that she will do a wonderful job. Throughout our conveyancing she was polite, helpful, thorough, easy to get hold of and kept us informed every step of the way. All in all superb and we would recommend her unreservedly.

BH23 2NU - Client