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Q. My licensed conveyancer says I have to have a mining search on a home I am buying in Poole Town. Must I have one of these really?
A. Without a mining search you are very likely to run into problems with your mortgage lender or your insurance company. Some areas of the UK are riddled with old mining workings, and these can cause subsidence. These can seriously de-value a property. If is therefore most important to search with the responsible coal body to see if there are any workings under your land. You may decide not to advance with the purchase depending on the findings of the searches.
Q. My Poole Town, solicitor is not providing a 'no win - no charge' product. Should I insist on this because I know that some will fail to complete.
A. Some Poole Town coveyancers offer a no-win-no-legal-fee product (so you will at the very least get this back) so it is a worthwhile option. You may additionally think about speaking to your insurer or IFA (Independent Financial Adviser) about buying a reasonably priced insurance policy that would protect all of your investment should your transaction fail.
Q. What is the CON29DW search? I will be moving to Poole Town - Do I need one of these?
A. This is a drainage and water search. It is very important as it looks into if the house is hooked into mains water, sewage and land water drainage systems. We believe that it will probably soon report issues associated with flooding. Go to http://www.con29drainagewater.co.uk/news for more information.
Q. Please explain the difference between the legal fee and disbursements?
A. The legal fee is the professional charge that the lawyer charges for their effort and expertise. Disbursements are the remaining sundry costs - many of of which cannot be avoided - these include the land registry charge and stamp duty land tax. Disbursements will include items such as identity checks, charges for the completion of forms and charges for searches and bank costs for the transfer of funds.
Q. Who are the Land Registry?
A. The Land Registry is responsible for maintaining a registry of all land in England and Wales (Scotland has a different registry). Land which is not registered will not appear in the registry. Land which is registered is marked out on a map, and is recorded as being the property of the owner. The Land Registry is a UK government body.
Q. My conveyancer has asked me to provide evidence of ID as I am selling a house in Poole Town. Is this routine?
A. This proof must be provided to comply with the Council of Mortgage Lenders rules on money-laundering.
Q. The estate agent selling my house has put a board up stating SOLD - Subject to Contract. What does this mean?
A. SSTC is a protective device designed to protect both the buyer and seller prior to exchange of contracts. Whilst both parties usually intend to enter into a contract with a view to complete this clause does not bind either party in contract until a formal contract has been made up, agreed and signed (exchanged).
Q. What do I do first... The conveyancing or the survey?
A. Get the survey done first. The results may be adverse enough that your surveyor can advise you not to proceed or otherwise, in which case you would have instructed your legal adviser prematurely.
Q. I want to buy a house that is appearing for sale in an auction. When should I appoint a solicitor?
A. With an auction property, never engage appoint a conveyancer after you've bought the property especially if it is leasehold. It is always best to let your solicitor take a look at items that could result in an immediate problem for you before you commit your funds.

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Very good service and communication, pleasure to do business

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30, April 2018 - Positive Overall

Great service, no problems, would recommend

BH15 1GZ - Mortgage Broker

22, December 2015 - Positive Overall

The Beaumont legal team were fantastic. They kept me regularly up-dated and even though I was unable to continue with my purchase they refunded the monies I had had given them for processes not started. Other solicitors may have chosen not to refund for this. I recommend them for an efficient and excellent quality service with very reasonable fees.

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23, April 2012 - Positive Overall

Excelant, i would recomand to anybody. Thank you Marie lowry

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