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Q. Do I need to use a Oakdale lawyer?
A. No, it is not necessary to use a Oakdale lawyer for your conveyancing. The only advantage to instructing a licensed conveyancer in the locality of Oakdale is that you may visit their offices, but you should not need to do this as most communications can be undertaken by traditional mail..
Q. I have to move to Oakdale with my job. Must I engage a lawyer before I have found a home or may I action this once I've made an offer on a property?
A. If you choose your lawyer based on their excellent reputation then you may do so prior to even placing an offer on a property. But your lawyer will be unable to give you a total price until you place an offer on a specific premises. Your lawyer can only give a firm price based upon an actual matter.
Q. I want to purchase a house in Oakdale. Is there much difference in the nature of the conveyancing work to be actioned when purchasing a flat as opposed to a house?
A. Flats are generally "Leasehold" - that is, another party owns the land on which the flats are built. There is always the matter of shared spaces, like hallways. This means that there is more work for the solicitor to do, as the transaction is more complicated.
Q. I want to purchase a flat in Oakdale and I need to have the conveyancing work done when I do. I've seen these services advertised online from £125. Do you think these rates are right or are they not showing things like land-registry fees?
A. These sites are normally only displaying the "Legal Fee" which is the solicitor's professional fee for their time. Any legal fee under £100 is very suspicious. This would hardly cover the time costs involved in handling your conveyancing. You are very likely to find other costs heavily inflated to make up the loss. For example you may pay over the odds for credit checks. It is very deceptive quoting a low legal fee without showing all of the additional charges, some of which like the stamp duty fee cannot be excluded.
Q. I'm selling a property in Oakdale. I've been sent a 'Pre-Contract Enquiries' form. What is this for?
A. It is usual procedure for the vendor of a property to receive such a form in all instances. The form requires you to reveal any important facts to the purchaser that are known about the property which are outside the terms of the main contract of sale.
Q. I'm buying my first property and I've been advised that I should get a NHBS Warranty with it. What is this all about?
A. It's a warranty offered by the builder of the property that lasts ten years from the completion of the initial build so it's only available on new or recently built homes. The first 2 years will cover the buyer against any defects found to be in existence due to not complying with NHBS regulations. The builder will have to make good any major structural problems found during this initial guarantee 24 month period. The next 8 year period is known as the structural guarantee period and the buyer will be reimbursed for any costs of putting right any major structural defects discovered to the extent of those costs not covered by insurance.
Q. Do I have to pay Capital Gains tax if I sell my house?
A. It depends on your tax status and other factors but generally, if the house in question has been lived in by you as your main residence during the period of ownership, then no CGT is payable.
Q. Can I do my own conveyancing ? I'm not qualified to do so but I understand that I can buy a 'pack' that will contain all the forms I need to help me register the purchase of my house in Oakdale.
A. Yes, you can obtain a self conveyancing pack and do your own legal work but there are many pitfalls and without the transaction being uncomplicated you will undoubtedly stumble upon issues and will wish you had not undertaken this work yourself.
Q. What's the difference between a licensed conveyancer and a solicitor? Are they less expensive?
A. A licenced conveyancer does not have to be a solicitor (although they might be). Some solicitors choose to operate as licenced conveyancers, rather than as a solicitor to save money on the professional indemnity costs to their business. Licensed conveyancers are still members of a regulated body (http://www.conveyancers.org.uk) and are qualified to do the work of conveyancing. It is possible that a small reduction may be achieved by utilising a licenced conveyancer inpreference to a solicitor - but this isn't always the case.
Q. My licensed conveyancer said I will be required to purchase searches. What is the purpose of the searches ?
A. Searches are a critical component of conveyancing on a Oakdale property purchase. Searches do all of the researching into the house, so that you know in detail what you are purchasing. Are there any environmental snags? Are there trees that are protected? Are there covenants on the land or house? Are there mine-workings underneath it? Are you the responsible party for contributing to the repair of the parish church? Has formal planning permission been obtained on any work done on the property? This is to name a few. A little time spent on searches before purchase can save a very much heartache, and could rescue you from purchasing a home that you wish you had not.

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Great work! Thank you

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30, April 2018 - Positive Overall

Great service, no problems, would recommend

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22, December 2015 - Positive Overall

The Beaumont legal team were fantastic. They kept me regularly up-dated and even though I was unable to continue with my purchase they refunded the monies I had had given them for processes not started. Other solicitors may have chosen not to refund for this. I recommend them for an efficient and excellent quality service with very reasonable fees.

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23, April 2012 - Positive Overall

Excelant, i would recomand to anybody. Thank you Marie lowry

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