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Q. I've moved to Lytchett Matravers to be near my boyfriend. How do I decide upon a solicitor to do my conveyancing when I find the right property.?
A. You could walk up the Main-Street and look for a local conveyancer; look in Google maps or find one in the Yellow Pages. However, using the Internet could be best. The internet brings two main positives to you. (1) You will likely get a much better quotation by shopping around and comparing quotes. (2) You can read reviews to see who is going to do the best job for you. It is the balance between price and quality that should look for.
Q. I live in Lytchett Matravers. If I decide not to use a local lawyer to assist with the sale of my house and use an Internet solicitor instead, are there any snags I should look out for?
A. You should always check if the lawyer is properly registered with the Law Society. It is also important that you read any write-ups you can find on the conveyancer to be certain that you are going with a practice with a good reputation. Working at a distance should not be a problem. It is also good practice to check that your chosen firm has a adequate case tracking system which you can log into to keep an eye on the progress of your matter.
Q. My Lytchett Matravers, lawyer is not providing a 'no-complete no fee' product. Should I insist on this as I understand that some may fail to complete.
A. Some Lytchett Matravers coveyancers offer a no win - no charge option (therefore you will at least get this back) and it is a useful add-on. You may also consider discuss with your insurer or IFA (Independent Financial Adviser) about buying a reasonably priced insurance policy which would provide protection for all of your expenditure should your transaction fail.
Q. My solicitor says that I'm in a Negative Equity situation.. What is the meaning of this?
A. Negative Equity is the circumstance where you discover that the sum that is required to repay your mortgage on your present property is greater than the value you can sell it for.
Q. I've just heard that the person I am buying my next flat from has gone bankrupt. We have exchanged contracts and completion was to occur next month. Will the case now complete?
A. The rules of bankruptcy will prevail and the Trustee will now stand in the shoes of the seller. To avoid any breach of contract the Trustee can compel you to complete the purchase but they can also dissolve the contract if they feel it is an onerous contract; this is on the proviso that you have not tendered the purchase money on the day of completion otherwise the Trustee must complete.
Q. What do I do first... The conveyancing or the survey?
A. Get the survey done first. The results may be adverse enough that your surveyor can advise you not to proceed or otherwise, in which case you would have instructed your legal adviser too soon.
Q. I'm selling a house in Lytchett Matravers. I have received a 'Pre-Contract Enquiries' form. What is this for?
A. It is usual procedure for the vendor of a property to receive such a form in all instances. The form requires you to disclose any important facts to the buyer that are known about the property which are outside the terms of the main contract of sale.
Q. What is the difference between a Leasehold and a Freehold property?
A. Generally, if you own the freehold of a house then you are the undisputed owner of it for no fixed duration of time and subject to any statutory or other regulatory interests you can do what you like with it. If a property is Leasehold then the freehold is owned by someone else like a land agent for instance who will grant a lease to you allowing you to use the land or property for a long period of time. Usage restrictions and obligations will be written into the lease terms.
Q. I'm placing an offer for a property in Lytchett Matravers . How long does it take to complete the legal work once I have instructed a solicitor?
A. It usually depends on how quick both party's solicitors can work. You may have a good and efficient conveyancer but if the other party utilise a overworked conveyancer the work could drag on. An ideal situation where both solicitors are competent should result in your matter being completed within 6 weeks.
Q. Are your quotations all-inclusive for Lytchett Matravers conveyancing?
A. Yes - we use a special method to make sure that our quotations disclose all costs. No charges are hidden. Everything is fully listed.

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