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Q. I want to buy a house in Corfe Mullen. Is there much difference in the nature of the legal work to be undertaken when purchasing a flat as opposed to a house?
A. Flats are generally "Leasehold" - that is, someone else owns the land on which the flats are built. There is always the matter of communal spaces, like stairwells. This results in more work for the solicitor to do, as the transactions are more complicated.
Q. I've moved to Corfe Mullen to be near my boyfriend. How do I decide upon a solicitor to conduct my conveyancing when I find the right house.?
A. You could walk down the High-Street and look for a local conveyancer; search in Google maps or find one in the Thompson Directory. However, using the Internet could be better. The internet brings two main advantages to you. (1) You will probably get a much better quote by shopping around and comparing quotes. (2) You can read reviews to establish who is going to do the best work for you. It is the balance between price and quality that should go for.
Q. Who is the Land Registry?
A. The Land Registry is the body responsible for keeping a register of all land in England and Wales (Scotland has a different registry). Unregistered land will not be found in the registry. Land which is registered is indicated on a map, and is recorded as being the property of the owner. The Land Registry is a UK government organisation.
Q. I'm buying my first property and I've been advised that I should get a NHBS Certificate with it. What does this mean?
A. It's a warranty offered by the builder of the property that lasts ten years from the completion of the initial build so it's only available on new or recently built houses. The first 2 years will cover the buyer against any defects found to be in existence due to non-compliance with NHBS regulations. The builder will have to make good any major structural problems found during this initial guarantee 24 month period. The next 8 year period is known as the structural guarantee period and the buyer will be reimbursed for any costs of putting right any major structural defects discovered to the extent of those costs not covered by insurance.
Q. Can I do my own conveyancing ? I'm not qualified to do so but I understand that I can buy a 'pack' that will contain all the forms I need to help me register the purchase of my house in Corfe Mullen.
A. Yes, you could buy such a pack and D.I.Y your own conveyancing but there are a multitude of drawbacks and without the transaction being uncomplicated you will likely stumble upon snags and will wish you had not tried this work yourself.
Q. What is the difference between a Leasehold and a Freehold property?
A. Generally, if you own the freehold of a house then you are the undisputed owner of it for no fixed period of time and subject to any statutory or other regulatory interests you can do what you like with it. If a property is Leasehold then the freehold is owned by someone else like a land agent for instance who will grant a lease to you allowing you to use the land or property for a long period of time. Usage restrictions and obligations will be written into the lease terms.
Q. I want to buy a property that will be included for sale in an auction. When should I instruct a conveyancer?
A. With an auction property, never engage appoint a solicitor after you've purchased the property especially if it is leasehold. It is always best to let your conveyancer take a look at things that could result in a problem for you before you commit any funds.
Q. I want to get hold of a property to rent out to people and wonder how to get some mortgage funding to do this.
A. We do not issue any advice that could constitute financial advice here therefore we'd advise that you contact a licensed mortgage specialist who can instruct you on 'buy-to-let' mortgages.
Q. What's the difference between a licensed conveyancer and a solicitor? Are they cheaper?
A. A licenced conveyancer does not have to be a solicitor (although they might be). Some solicitors choose to operate as licenced conveyancers, rather than as a solicitor to save money on the indemnity costs to their business. Licensed conveyancers are still members of a regulated body ( and are qualified to do the work of conveyancing. It is possible that a small reduction may be achieved by utilising a licenced conveyancer instead of a solicitor - but this isn't necessarily the case.
Q. My property agent in Corfe Mullen has recommended a solicitor to me. Should I go for this recommendation?
A. That is your decision. It is very likely that your agent is either on a commission for the recommendation, or will receive reciprocal business from the conveyancer. Whichever the case, these are not good reasons for you to choose that solicitor. You are better off doing your own investigation and choosing a solicitor based on good feedback. Good Price + Good Reviews and Feedback = Good conveyancer.

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Client Feedback in the Corfe Mullen, Bournemouth Area

19, August 2019 - Positive Overall

Good service, happy to use again

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19, March 2018 - Positive Overall

Good Service, kept well informed at all times, would recommend

BH21 3LG - Mortgage Broker

04, February 2018 - Positive Overall

We were pleased with the overall service provided by the team up to the week of completion when regular communication updates ceased. We were not notified when remortgage funds had been requested from Leeds, nor were we notified on 31 January 2018 that completion had taken place. At the most crucial point in the conveyancing we did not know the current position as the on-line tracking had not been updated since 25/1/18. For your information The One Account did not receive funds until after their cut off time which resulted in us being charged further interest to 1 February 2018 when they were able to apply the funds to our account.

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