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Q. I've just heard that the person I am buying my next property from has gone bankrupt. We have exchanged contracts and completion was to take place next month. Will the transaction now complete?
A. The rules of bankruptcy will prevail and the Trustee will now stand in the shoes of the vendor. To avoid any breach of contract the Trustee can compel you to complete the purchase but they can also dissolve the contract if they feel it is an onerous contract; this is on the provision that you have not tendered the purchase money on the day of completion otherwise the Trustee must complete.
Q. What do I do first... The conveyancing or the survey?
A. Get the survey done first. The results may be adverse enough that your surveyor can advise you not to proceed or otherwise, in which case you would have instructed your conveyancer too soon.
Q. I am selling a home in Charminster. I've been sent a 'Pre-Contract Enquiries' form. What is this for?
A. It is standard procedure for the vendor of a property to receive such a form in all instances. The form requires you to disclose any important facts to the buyer that are known about the property which are outside the terms of the main contract of sale.
Q. I own a property with my brother which we inherited years ago. I want to raise a mortgage on my half but have been informed that the property has not been registered with HM Land Registry. To complicate things I can't find the deeds. Can you help please?
A. First off, try and find where the deeds are. Try to remember who did the conveyancing work when the house was placed into your ownership and contact them first. You'll likely find that the documents are in storage somewhere. When you have found these, you should then contact your nearest Land Registry office for advice on registering the property.
Q. What is a coal mining search? I'm buying a house in Charminster and I've been told by my solicitor that I need one of these.
A. The reason for this type of search is to reveal any prior workings, any reported subsidence and any plans for planned future mining operations in an area. It is usually known if a particular area will need such a search, especially if the area has a known past for mining. The search is requested of the local Coal Board office.
Q. I want to buy a house that will be coming up for sale in an auction. When should I instruct a solicitor?
A. With an auction property, never instruct a solicitor after you have purchased the property particularly if it is leasehold. It is always advisable to let your solicitor take a look at items that could result in an immediate problem for you before you commit any funds.
Q. They are developing some new properties on a Brownfield site in Charminster. Can you explain what a Brownfield site is?
A. Brownfield normally describes disused land which has usually been prior used for industrial purposes. These sites are usually located in rural areas. Often, the land is contaminated so will have to be decontaminated before it can be used for residential purposes again. Usually traces of contaminants such as lead can usually be found on these sites.
Q. I live in Charminster and want to buy a different property in this location. I've noticed some Web-based Conveyancing products which seem to be grealy less expensive than appointing a locally based property lawyer. Can I use one of these without regret?
A. Yes - A conveyancer does not need to be in the locality of Charminster to take on your case. It is of more importance to research reviews on the Internet service to be certain that they are offering a good level of service.
Q. Are your prices all-inclusive for Charminster conveyancing?
A. Yes - we are very careful to ensure that our quotes show all fees. No charges are hidden. Everything is comprehensively listed.
Q. What's the difference between a licensed conveyancer and a solicitor? Are they less expensive?
A. A licenced conveyancer does not have to be a solicitor (although they might be). Some solicitors could operate as licenced conveyancers, rather than as a solicitor to save money on the professional indemnity costs to their business. Licensed conveyancers are still members of a regulated body ( and are trained to do the work of conveyancing. It is possible that a small saving may be achieved by using a licenced conveyancer inpreference to a solicitor - but this isn't necessarily the case.

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Client Feedback in the Charminster, Bournemouth Area

07, November 2015 - Positive Overall

The text and email status update service was great. Every question we asked was replied to very quickly on email. The remortgage was delayed by one day due to the bank and not through lack of effort of the people involved at Birchall. The delay was acted on in a very efficient way and we were updated regularly which you cannot ask for more really. The paperwork was sent through and arrived quickly too. Overall extremely happy and would use again.

BH9 3ED - Client

29, February 2012 - Positive Overall

very swift, and effective service. pleasant and helpful manner. would certainly use again.

BH9 3EJ - Client

18, November 2010 - Positive Overall

Very good service. Emails answered promptly. Thank you.

BH9 1SZ - Client

18, November 2010 - Positive Overall

I found the experience very positive. Very helpful staff. Emails answered promptly. Really good service. Thank you

BH9 1SZ - Client

26, August 2010 - Positive Overall

I was very pleased with the way my case was managed. She kept things moving and answered all my questions promptly.

BH9 1BA - Client