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Q. My local solicitor in Burley has given me a quotation of £1,100 for buying a property. Is it possible that I could save money by not using a web-based licensed conveyancer?
A. The cost of the conveyancing is based upon numerous factors. Various disbursements (such as the land registry fee and SDLT) are calculated on a sliding scale of rates, based on the purchase price of your property. The legal fee will also be affected by this. Your best option is to compare a range of quotations from different solicitors, and read reviews left by other clients on their performance. Only then can you decide who is offering the best service at the best price.
Q. Can you give me an idea how much conveyancing costs or what I should be paying on average to have the conveyancing done for me by a qualified solicitor.
A. It depends on whether you are buying or selling or both. Typically selling a house is cheaper as there's less work to do on the solicitors part. Obviously, if you are living in a property you have to sell before you can buy another then there will be 2 sets of charges.
Q. I'm placing an offer for a property in Burley . How long does it take to complete the conveyancing work once I have appointed a conveyancer?
A. It usually depends on how quick both party's solicitors can work. You might have a excellent and efficient solicitor but if the other party have a rubbish conveyancer the case might drag on. An ideal situation where both conveyancers are competent should result in your matter being completed within 40 days.
Q. I've read about something that serves to act in a way that saves me having to pay Stamp Duty Land Tax.
A. These are called 'avoidance schemes'. They work to exploit government taxation loopholes and are viewed as non-legal by HMRC. If you are caught out using one of these schemes you would have to repay the tax saved plus a large penalty charge so we would advise that you avoid these schemes in all cases.
Q. I want to buy a property that will be appearing for sale in an auction. When should I instruct a solicitor?
A. With an auction property, never instruct a solicitor after you've acquired the property particularly if it is subject to a lease. It is always best practice to let your solicitor take a look at items that could result in a problem for you before you commit any funds.
Q. They are building some new houses on a Brownfield site in Burley. Can you explain what a Brownfield site is?
A. Brownfield normally describes disused land which has normally been previously used for industrial purposes. These sites are particularly located in rural areas. Often, the land is contaminated so will have to be treated before it can be used for residential purposes again. Usually traces of contaminants such as tribultyltins can usually be found on these sites.
Q. My property is in Burley and want to purchase a different house in this location. I've found some Internet Conveyancing services which appear to be grealy less expensive than employing a locally based conveyancer. Can I instruct one of these without regretting it?
A. Yes - A conveyancer does not need to be in the locality of Burley to take on your case. It is of more importance to obtain reviews on the Internet firm to make sure that they are offering a good service.
Q. What's the difference between a licensed conveyancer and a solicitor? Are they cheaper?
A. A licenced conveyancer does not have to be a solicitor (although they may be). Some solicitors choose to operate as licenced conveyancers, rather than as a solicitor to save money on the professional indemnity costs to their business. Licensed conveyancers are still members of a regulated body (http://www.conveyancers.org.uk) and are qualified to do the work of conveyancing. It is possible that a minor saving may be achieved by using a licenced conveyancer inpreference to a solicitor - but this isn't necessarily the case.
Q. My conveyancer said I will be required to purchase searches. What are these for ?
A. Searches form a very important part of conveyancing on a Burley property purchase. Searches do all of the digging into the home, so that you know exactly what you are purchasing. Are there any environmental snags? Are there protected trees? Are there covenants on the land or property? Are there mine-workings underneath it? Are you responsible for contributing to the repair of the parish church? Has formal planning permission been obtained on any works done on the property? This is to name but a few. A little money spent on searches prior to purchase can save a lot of heartache, and could save you from buying a property that you will later regret.
Q. My agent in Burley has recommended a solicitor to me. Should I go with this suggestion?
A. That is your choice. It is very likely that your agent is either on a commission for the recommendation, or will get reciprocal business from the conveyancing solicitor. In either case, these are not good reasons for you to appoint that solicitor. You are better off doing your own investigation and selecting a solicitor based on good feedback. Good Price plus Good Reviews and Feedback = Good licensed conveyancer.

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