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Questions & Answers

Q. My local solicitor in Birmingham has quoted me £1,000 for a conveyancing purchase transaction. Can I save my hard earned cash by avoiding appointing a online lawyer?
A. The cost of the conveyancing is affected by numerous factors. Various disbursements (such as the land registry fee and SDLT) are calculated on a sliding scale of rates, based on the purchase price of your property. The legal fee will also be affected by this. Your best option is to compare a range of quotations from different solicitors, and read reviews left by other clients on their performance. Only then can you decide who is offering the best service at the best price.
Q. I want to get my flat in Birmingham. Is there much difference in the nature of the legal work to be done when purchasing a flat as opposed to a house?
A. Flats are generally "Leasehold" - that is, someone else owns the land on which the flats are built. There is also the issue of shared spaces, such as hallways. This means that there is more work for the solicitor to do, as the transactions are more complicated.
Q. I'm buying a flat in Birmingham for my nephew to attend vetinary college next year. I expect to pay around £145,000. Will I have to pay stamp duty?
A. Unless the flat is excluded for a reason (such as objective one status) you must pay stamp duty, (SDLT) on any purchase value above £125,000. SDLT is payable in bands. Visit for the details.
Q. I've moved to Birmingham to be near my boyfriend. How do I decide upon a solicitor to conduct my conveyancing when I find the right home.?
A. You could drive up the High-Street and look for a local solicitor; search in Google maps or find one in the Thompson Directory. However, using the w w web could be best. The internet brings two main positives to you. (1) You will probably receive a much better price by shopping around and comparing quotes. (2) You can read reviews to establish who is going to do the best work for you. It is the balance between price and quality that should look for.
Q. Can I pay for a house with cash?
A. No. There are money laundering regulations that solicitors and estate agents have to abide by. Payments must be actioned through UK banks and building societies only. Monies provided through other sources would have to be reported to an Organised Crime body of the police.
Q. What is the Land Registry charge?
A. The is the charge that is payable to the Land Registry of England and Wales for recoding the registration of your plot of land.
Q. I've received and accepted an offer on my property. My buyer is awaiting a mortgage offer before they can proceed. What does this mean?
A. Ideally your purchaser should have agreed a mortgage in principle from a lender before they'd started looking for a house. This would have confirmed how much money they can get to fund their purchase. The application process would immediately assess whether the lender can provide the money based upon the criteria they prescribe and an 'Offer in Principle' in the form of a letter is normally issued. Sometimes monies may not be made available even though the loan criteria have been met because the lenders quota for the period may have been exhausted.
Q. What do I do first... The conveyancing or the survey?
A. Get the survey done first. The results may be bad enough that your surveyor can advise you not to proceed or otherwise, in which case you would have instructed your legal adviser prematurely.
Q. There may be a new Greenfield development project happening in Birmingham. What is a Greenfield site?
A. The term Greenfield as applied to land or a site describes undeveloped land in a city which may be land that has been used for agriculture or it could just be country land. This could be an existing open field, or a place that is usually restricted to the masses. Generally it can be determined that a Greenfield site is the opposite to a Brownfield site.
Q. I want to buy a property in Birmingham. I've placed an offer through a agent and it was accepted so I've asked a surveyor to conduct a survey of the property but my estate agent has informed me that I've been gazumped. What does this mean?
A. This means that somebody else has made a higher offer than you which has been accepted by the seller. It's a naughty practice but not illegal, just a bit unfair. The agent has a duty to convey all offers to the owner and as long as sale contracts have not been exchanged you can't sue for any breach as a formal contract has not been formed yet.

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We are so confident that you will get a getter deal with us, from a solicitor that you can read genuine feedback on that we encourage you to comapre like-to-like quotations from Birmingham solicitors.

Tibbits Fisher
Barclays Bank Chambers
5 Westley Road
West Midlands
B27 7UQ
0121-707 3900
Howell & Co
1341 Stratford Road
Hall Green
West Midlands
B28 9HW
0121-778 5031
Anthony Collins Solicitors
St. Philips Gate
5 Waterloo Street
West Midlands
B2 5PG
0121-200 3242
Bassi Solicitors
220 Soho Road
West Midlands
B21 9LR
0121-554 0868
264A-266 Chester Road
Castle Bromwich
West Midlands
B36 0LB
0121-749 4488
J V Vobe & Co
Clinton House
High Street
West Midlands
B46 3BP
01675 467333
Elliott & Co
526 Coventry Road
Small Heath
West Midlands
B10 0UN
0121-771 4700
Neil Maybury
1 Victoria Square
West Midlands
B1 1BD
0121-632 2111
Evans Derry Binnion
29 Glebe Farm Road
West Midlands
B33 9LY
0121-789 7889
Broomhall & Co
Cheltenham House
14-16 Temple Street
West Midlands
B2 5BG
0121-633 4868
2A Wake Green Road
West Midlands
B13 9EZ
0121-449 9888
Birmingham Legal Partnership
347 Coventry Road
Small Heath
West Midlands
B10 0SN
0121-773 3356
52 Blucher Street
West Midlands
B1 1QU
0121-616 5106
Joyce Legal
1 Victoria Square
West Midlands
B1 1BD
0121-632 2080
Challinors Lyon Clark
Tenth Floor/Edmund House
10-12 Newhall Street
West Midlands
B3 3EF
0121-212 9393
The Firm
777 Bristol Rd South
West Midlands
B31 2NQ
0121-476 0776
B K Solicitors
28 George Street
Balsall Heath
West Midlands
B12 9RG
0121-440 1881
Canty And Co
Sixteenth Floor/Kennedy Tower
St. Chads Queensway
West Midlands
B4 6JN
0121-688 5000
Aspect Court
4 Temple Row
West Midlands
B2 5HG
0121-609 4114
Civic House
156 Great Charles St Queensway
West Midlands
B3 3HN
0121-236 0076

Client Feedback in the Birmingham Area

17, May 2019 - Positive Overall

The whole process has been very very stressful, having said that my firm belief is things can only get done when the time is right. Thank you very much. Fozia and Adnan.

B33 8SU - Client

07, May 2019 - Positive Overall

Initially a very poor start when the client called to ask a question and pay up front fees on account to be spoken to very rudely by an office administrator. Conveyancer Amy Keeling had not been involved at this stage. I had to 'rescue' the situation, having recommended GC, it was very embarrassing. This client was vulnerable I would say, and had some other connections to solicitors that she chose not to use and was at this point questioning my recommendation. Thank goodness that Amy was made aware - and from that point onward was fantastic and made a real big effort to ensure the service was 100% - which helped repair the earlier damage. A case that needed some help from me to get the lender to drop certain requirements, Amy was very helpful as we worked together on occasions. With Amy's work the case probably went though to completion quicker than it otherwise may have done - not saying we want that bad start gain - but the client appreciates the effort to make things right and was I think very pleased with the work. Thank you Amy.

B13 9NN - Mortgage Broker

04, May 2019 - Positive Overall

Sophie strange was excellent. Her best qualities: - polite - keen to help - explained issues to me clearly - responded to queries promptly. Well done thank you Sophie.

B17 9SR - Client

30, April 2019 - Positive Overall

The experience was very smooth and worry free, the solicitor dealt with everything quickly and to a high standard.

B10 9HY - Client

26, April 2019 - Positive Overall

Charlotte was very professional and prompt with her responses. Thank you once again for everything

B74 4TF - Client

20, April 2019 - Positive Overall

Excellent as always

B26 3ES - Mortgage Broker

16, April 2019 - Positive Overall

Client required a lot of hand holding as a first time buyer, Deon explained the legal process

B23 6GS - Mortgage Broker

31, March 2019 - Positive Overall

I had a very positive experience with Chadwick this time, thank you!

B29 7RS - Mortgage Broker

11, March 2019 - Positive Overall

Always kept us updated

B68 8HY - Client

02, March 2019 - Positive Overall

Katie was extremely professional throughout the process, answered any queries I had promptly and was very thorough. I would highly recommend Katie and apl.

B14 6NA - Client

28, February 2019 - Positive Overall

Overall a positive transaction. Sadly conveyancer changed mid way through. Communication could have been little better. Ended up dealing with 3 people.

B30 2UJ - Client

20, February 2019 - Positive Overall

thank u for helping me buy my 1st home.. They did everything for me nothing was too much!

B44 8EA - Client

15, February 2019 - Positive Overall

Keely handled my case very well, although we had a very short time frame keely work extremely hard. She kept us updated along the way and answered all our questions. Highly recommend Pudsey Legal.

B23 6GA - Client

31, January 2019 - Positive Overall

Great Service, Clear communication. will use again.

B70 0EG - Mortgage Broker

26, January 2019 - Positive Overall

I couldn't be happier with Katie Fennelly and her team at APL. I was always kept up to date as soon as there was information to be had, and although my case took a LONG time, (not necessarily my solicitors fault anyway), Katie always kept me informed of the latest in the matter, even if it was a "we are still waiting for the other party's solicitors responses" message. Katie was extremely thorough, even going as far as spotting a nasty flaw with the purchase that required extra insurance protection which the seller agreed to pay for. Everything is super easy with the online portal where you get all your documents, and you always get a quick response if you correspond over email. Phone calls were a bit more difficult at times, I could struggle to get through for extended periods of time, but that's understandable considering I'm not the sole client (hopefully) in her roster. Were I to send an email however, the response was always prompt. As a first time buyer, I required a fair amount of hand-holding, which was never a problem. I never were made to feel stupid for asking questions which may have been obvious to some. All in all, I am very very happy with my transaction with APL.

B79 8SL - Client

23, January 2019 - Positive Overall

Professional, prompt, prepared. My experience has been excellent & could not ask for more.

B11 1SB - Client

18, January 2019 - Positive Overall

All perfect

B69 1LR - Client

14, January 2019 - Positive Overall

I was very pleased with the service I received from Garner Canning. I dealt with Justine and Kim. They answered my queries promptly and always kept me updated. They pushed for a speedy completion as we had a deadline which was met! Thank you for all your help. Will definitely recommend

B38 9TD - Client

10, January 2019 - Positive Overall

Very happy, quick to answer the phone and always helpful.

B78 1JU - Mortgage Broker

08, January 2019 - Positive Overall

Very impressed

B27 6JN - Client

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