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Q. The person doing the conveyancing work on the house I'm buying in Belfast is a legal executive and not a solicitor. Is this ok?
A. Providing there is a solicitor checking the work, and providing the final sign-off, then this is considered usual practice. The solicitor is an expert in property law so it is not unusual for them to have competent persons working under them to do some of the more easy tasks. You can also use a licenced conveyancer to do your conveyancing. This person may not be a solicitor but is still properly qualified to do the work.
Q. My conveyancer is offering a 'no win - no charge 'option. Does this mean that I'll get all my money reimbursed if the transaction fails?
A. This appears to be a great offer - You will normally find that this applies only to the first transaction that falls through. It also probably only applies to the solicitor's professional fee. Any moneys spent on other costs will not normally likely be refunded to you. You can often opt for an insurance policy which will get all moneys back to you in the event of a failure - but you will need to speak to an IFA or insurance broker about that.
Q. My conveyancer has asked me to provide proof of identification as I am selling a house in Belfast. Is this usual?
A. This proof must be obtained to comply with the Council of Mortgage Lenders rules on money-laundering.
Q. The estate agent selling my property has put a sale board up stating SOLD - Subject to Contract. What does this mean?
A. Sold Subject to Contract is a protective device designed to protect both the buyer and seller prior to exchange of contracts. Whilst both parties usually intend to enter into a contract with a view to complete this clause does not bind either party in contract until a proper contract has been made up, agreed and signed (exchanged).
Q. I'm buying my first property and Ihave been advised that I should get a NHBS Certificate with it. What is this all about?
A. It's a warranty offered by the builder of the property that lasts ten years from the completion of the initial build so it's only available on new or recently built homes. The first 24 months will cover the buyer against any defects found to be in existence due to non-compliance with NHBS regulations. The builder will have to make good any major structural problems found during this initial guarantee 24 month period. The next 8 year period is known as the structural guarantee period and the buyer will be reimbursed for any costs of putting right any major structural defects discovered to the extent of those costs not covered by an insurance policy.
Q. Can I do my own conveyancing ? I'm not qualified to do so but I understand that I can buy a 'pack' that will contain all the forms I need to help me register the purchase of my home in Belfast.
A. Yes, you could buy a conveyancing pack and D.I.Y your own legal work but there are a multitude of pitfalls and unless the transaction is straightforward you will likely come across issues and will wish you had not tried this work yourself.
Q. I've read about a method that serves to act in a way that saves me having to pay Stamp Duty Land Tax.
A. These are called 'avoidance schemes'. They work to exploit government tax loopholes and are viewed as non-legal by HMRC. If you are caught out utilising one of these schemes you would have to repay the tax saved plus a whopping penalty fine so we'd advise that you avoid these schemes in all instances.
Q. My property is in Belfast and want to purchase a different property in this location. I've noticed some Web-based Conveyancing services which seem to be grealy less expensive than appointing a locally based property lawyer. Can I appoint one of these without regretting it?
A. Yes - A solicitor does not have to be in the locality of Belfast to do a good job. It is far better to obtain reviews on the Internet service to make sure that they are offering a quality service.
Q. Are your quotes all-inclusive for Belfast conveyancing?
A. Yes - we go to great lengths to make sure that our quotations list all costs. No items are hidden. Everything is comprehensively quoted.
Q. My lawyer said I need searches. What is the purpose of the searches ?
A. Searches form a very important aspect of conveyancing on a Belfast property purchase. Searches do all of the researching into the house, so that you know in detail what you are purchasing. Are there any environmental problems? Are there trees that are protected? Are there covenants on the land or home? Are there mine-workings in the area of it? Are you responsible for contributing to the upkeep of the parish church? Has formal planning permission been granted for any extensions done on the property? This is just to name but a few. A little time expended on searches prior to purchase can save a lot of headaches, and could save you from purchasing a property that you wish you had not.

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F J Orr & Co
14 Montgomery Street
County Antrim
028 90230101
Murtagh Breen & Co
266 Falls Road
County Antrim
BT12 6AL
028 90434550
P C Donaghy Meehan Murphy
218-220 Kingsway
County Antrim
BT17 9AE
028 90622621
Lynden House
19 Cregagh Road
County Antrim
028 90456042
Francis Hamma & Co
75-77 May Street
County Antrim
028 90243901
John McKee & Son
55 Royal Avenue
County Antrim
028 90232303
Elliott Duffy Garrett
Royston House
34 Upper Queen Street
County Antrim
028 90245034
Basil Glass & Co
97 Saintfield Road
County Antrim
028 90401463
McCullough & Co
734 Upper Newtownards Road
County Antrim
BT16 1RJ
028 90482800
P J McGrory & Co
105 Andersonstown Road
County Antrim
BT11 9BS
028 90602986
George McIldowie & Sons
65 Chichester Street
County Antrim
028 90326411
P Drinan
16 Donegall Square South
County Antrim
028 90322071
Franklin Solicitors
10 Brunswick Street
County Antrim
028 90504300
MKB Russell Solicitors
14 Great Victoria Street
County Antrim
028 90242450
George Farrell
19a Botanic Avenue
County Antrim
028 90240207
54 Knockbreda Road
County Antrim
028 90493349
James McMullan & Co
109 Cregagh Road
County Antrim
028 90454005
Bogue & McNulty
3 Carlisle Circus
County Antrim
BT14 6AT
028 90740505
Willowfield House
218-220 Woodstock Road
County Antrim
028 90807000
James Doran & Co
Holbeck House
Corn Market
County Antrim
028 90321434

Client Feedback in the Belfast Area

17, April 2019 - Positive Overall

very smooth process with great updates throughout

BT32 4LT - Mortgage Broker

23, November 2016 - Positive Overall

I found them very efficient and will certainly be using in my next purchase.

BT24 8HW - Client

17, June 2012 - Positive Overall

Hi there, we completed on 29th February, I've been a bit slow at providing this feedback for Suzy Jarzyna. My only other experience with solicitors was when we bought our flat 3 years ago and this was definitely a bad experience of mixed messages, unknown delays, not answering queries or replying promptly and generally feeling pissed off. Our experience with Suzy was completely different and was a welcome breath of fresh air. Nearly all of our communication was done via email and this worked very well for me. Suzy was always very prompt in replying to any queries I had and when she had a query she set out the information that was required clearly and succinctly. I felt that Suzy was very transparent in her communication also so I never had the feeling I needed to double check stories with the estate agent. This transparency in explaining any difficulties coupled with her promptness and professionalism made the whole process as painless (maybe even enjoyable - no i'm not going that far!) as possible. Thanks very much Suzy, i would definitely recommend you.

BT7 3GA - Client

23, July 2011 - Positive Overall

first class service.

BT18 9NE - Client

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