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Q. I'm buying a flat in Bath for my daughter to attend medical college next year. I expect to pay around £170,000. Will I have to pay stamp duty?
A. Unless the property is exempt for some reason (such as objective one status) you must pay stamp duty, (SDLT) on any purchase value above £125,000. SDLT is payable in slices. Visit for the details.
Q. I live in Bath. If I decide not to use a local lawyer to help sell my home and use an Internet service instead, are there any problems I should look out for?
A. You should always see if the lawyer is properly registered with the Law Society. It is also important that you read any reviews you can find on the conveyancer to be sure that you are going with a practice with a good reputation. Working at a distance should not be a problem. It is also good practice to check that your chosen firm has a good case tracking system which you can log into to keep an eye on the development of your transaction.
Q. Can I use a licensed conveyancer instead of a solicitor to perform my property purchase in Bath ?
A. Usually, the answer would be Yes, but there are a number of circumstances where using a conveyancing solicitor to assist you to purchase your property in Bath would be for the best.
Q. The estate agent selling my home has put a sale board up stating SOLD - Subject to Contract. What does this mean?
A. SSTC is a protective device designed to protect both the buyer and seller prior to exchange of contracts. Whilst both parties usually intend to enter into a contract with a view to complete this clause does not bind either party in contract until a proper contract has been drawn up, agreed and signed (exchanged).
Q. What does 'Exchange of Contract' mean?
A. Historically contracts would be drawn up and signed and exchanged in person. Today, with more transactions taking place - (probably 125,000 a month) it has become more difficult to manage this so nowadays exchange by telephone or post is more commonplace. The buyer will have received the contract prepared by the vendors conveyancer and they will sign it and post it to their solicitor who will add the agreed completion date to the contract then forward it to the sellers solicitor who will forward it to the seller to sign. The contract will be held by the sellers solicitor until completion is to occur.
Q. Can I do my own conveyancing ? I'm not qualified to do so but I understand that I can buy a 'pack' that will contain all the forms I need to help me register the purchase of my house in Bath.
A. Yes, you can purchase such a pack and perform your own legal work but there are no small number of pitfalls and without the transaction being simple you will likely stumble upon issues and will wish you had not undertaken this work yourself.
Q. I'm making an offer for a flat in Bath . How long does it take to complete the conveyancing work once I've directed a solicitor?
A. It usually depends on how quick both party's solicitors can work. You could have a good and efficient solicitor but if the other party have a overworked solicitor the matter will drag on. An ideal situation where both solicitors are excellent should result in your matter being completed within 6 weeks.
Q. I've been told about a scheme that serves to act in a way that saves me having to pay SDLT.
A. These are called 'avoidance schemes'. They work to exploit government taxation loopholes and are viewed as non-legal by HMRC. If you are caught out using one of these schemes you would have to repay the tax saved plus a whopping penalty fine so we would recommend that you avoid these schemes in all instances.
Q. My property is in Bath and want to buy a different property in this area. I've found a number of Internet Conveyancing products which appear to be much less pricy than using a local solicitor. Can I instruct one of these with confidence?
A. Yes - A solicitor does not need to be local to you to do the work. It is far more important to read reviews on the Internet solicitor to make sure that they are providing a reliable service.
Q. My licensed conveyancer said I need searches. What are these for ?
A. Searches form a critical component of conveyancing on a Bath property purchase. Searches perform all of the researching into the property, so that you know in detail what you are purchasing. Are there any environmental problems? Are there protected trees? Are there covenants on the land or property? Are there mine-workings under it? Are you responsible for contributing to the repair of the parish church? Has proper planning permission been obtained on any work done on the property? This is to name but a few. A little time spent on searches prior to purchase can save a very much heartache, and could save you from buying a home that you will later regret.

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Client Feedback in the Bath Area

07, April 2020 - Positive Overall

He was very helpful and proactive-this was particularly good given the difficult circumstances people are working under with the Coronavirus situation.

BA2 2EY - Client

09, February 2020 - Positive Overall

Although initially we found it difficult to engage with the faceless process once we had overcome our fears and any doubts on our side the process became quite clear.

BA2 8TZ - Client

10, January 2020 - Positive Overall

Excellent service thank you

BA14 6GU - Mortgage Broker

10, January 2020 - Positive Overall

Excellent service thank you

BA14 6GU - Mortgage Broker

12, November 2019 - Positive Overall

I have used the services of Mark Swatts Morse LLP on several occasions. They are always professional and diligent. Lucy has always been quick to respond and very conscientious. I recommend this company.

BA2 2LU - Client

12, October 2019 - Positive Overall

Nicole was very quick to respond to emails and paperwork. She was extremely helpful, efficient and friendly. It was a pleasure dealing with her.

BA4 5RH - Client

07, October 2019 - Positive Overall

Amazing service and great 'can do' attitude, will definitely recommend again.

BA21 4LG - Mortgage Broker

28, August 2019 - Positive Overall

Rebecca was very helpful and guided us through the process really well. Many thanks for her help!

BA3 3JS - Client

13, July 2019 - Positive Overall

Both Vickie and Jessica and team were easily contactable and provided clear advice when needed we will be using again.

BA4 5GL - Client

03, April 2019 - Positive Overall

We are really happy with the service we have received, our solicitors were always helpful and kept us in update about the progress.

BA11 6QB - Client

09, March 2019 - Positive Overall

Mr Glover, who dealt with my house purchase was responsive and answered my questions quickly. The purchase still took three months though and I suspect that there's no need at all for this lengthy amount of time. Saying that, I understand that my solicitor has to deal with the sellers solicitors (and we all know what that's like) !

BA13 3DJ - Client

21, December 2018 - Positive Overall

Communication was excellent with a high level of professionalism when dealing with our conveyancing.

BA4 6HT - Client

26, November 2018 - Positive Overall

Very happy with the work they did.

BA13 3DJ - Client

07, November 2018 - Positive Overall

Good service

BA2 5DF - Mortgage Broker

17, July 2018 - Positive Overall

Great service. Thank you

BA3 3JS - Mortgage Broker

03, July 2018 - Positive Overall

Overall fairly positive service received but one or two slip ups along the way.

BA2 8HW - Mortgage Broker

23, January 2018 - Positive Overall

clients were happy with the service which means I am happy. Updated the portal regularly so I always knew what was going on.

BA6 8NH - Mortgage Broker

07, January 2018 - Positive Overall

Vickie made everything clear and easy, also very patient with our particular challenges with the case! Job done! Thank you!

BA4 5XP - Client

09, December 2017 - Positive Overall

Really great experience, Ben Webster and team were excellent and kept us well informed at all times, we felt in safe hands and that we were being looked after. Couldn�t have asked for more, thank you.

BA3 2AX - Client

18, August 2017 - Positive Overall

Natalie was absolutely brilliant and was able to save a very tricky situation . Would definitely recommend !

BA2 1DB - Client

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