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The Aberdeen Property Market

Aberdeen is situated on the West coast of Scotland. It boasts many historical properties, and has a divers range of residential property to buy or to rent. As is often the case in Scotland, many of Aberdeen's solicitors are also Estate Agents, so it is natural to simply use the same for both selling your property and the conveyancing. However, we think it could save you some significant money if you are prepared to shop around.

If you are looking for a conveyancing solicitor to manage your case in Aberdeen then stop and ask yourself: "Do I really need to use a local solicitor for my conveyancing?" Why should this matter? You could have your Conveyancing work done at a fraction of the price by using a national solicitor who specializes in conveyancing. Equoteconveyancing is the perfect website to compare quotes from solicitors who can act on a Scottish case.

Questions & Answers

Q. I want to own a house in Aberdeen and I need to have the conveyancing work done when I do. I've seen conveyancing advertised on the Internet from £95. Do you think these rates are right or are they hiding things like disbursements?
A. These websites are probably only displaying the "Legal Fee" which is the solicitor's professional fee for their time. Any legal fee under £125 is very suspicious. This would barely meet the time charge involved in handling your conveyancing. You are very likely to find other costs heavily inflated to make up the shortfall. E.G. you may pay over the odds for identity checks. It is very naughty quoting a low legal fee without notifying you of all of the extra charges, some of which like the stamp duty fee cannot be avoided.
Q. I live in Aberdeen. If I decide not to use a local lawyer to help sell my flat and use an online service instead, are there any snags I should watch out for?
A. You should always see whether the solicitor is properly registered with the Law Society. It is also important that you obtain any write-ups you can find on the conveyancer to be certain that you are going with a practice with a good reputation. Working at a distance should not be a problem. It is also good practice to check that your chosen firm has a good case tracking system which you can log into to keep an eye on the progress of your case.
Q. What is the purpose of the CON29DW search? I will be moving to Aberdeen - Do I need one of these?
A. This is a drainage and water search. It is an important search as it looks into whether the house is hooked into mains water, sewage and land water drainage systems. We are of the opinion that it will probably soon search issues surrounding flooding. See http://www.con29drainagewater.co.uk/news for more information.
Q. What is the difference between the legal fee and disbursements?
A. The legal fee is the professional fee that the solicitor charges for their effort and experience. Disbursements are the remaining sundry costs - a number of of which cannot be avoided - such as the land registry charge and SDLY stamp duty land tax. Disbursements may perhaps include items such as identity confirmation, form completion charges and charges for searches and bank costs for transferring money.
Q. Can I buy a property with cash?
A. No. There are money laundering regulations that solicitors and estate agents have to abide by. Payments must be actioned through UK banks and building societies only. Monies provided from other sources would be reportable to an Organised Crime body of the police.
Q. I've just heard that the person I am buying my next property from has gone bankrupt. We have exchanged contracts and completion was to occur next week. Will the completion now complete?
A. The rules of bankruptcy will prevail and the Trustee will now stand in the shoes of the vendor. To avoid any breach of contract the Trustee can compel you to complete the purchase but they can also dissolve the contract if they feel it is an onerous contract; this is on the provision that you have not tendered the purchase money on the day of completion otherwise the Trustee must complete.
Q. What do I do first... The conveyancing or the survey?
A. Get the survey done first. The results may be bad enough that your surveyor can advise you not to proceed or otherwise, in which case you would have instructed your legal adviser too soon.
Q. I am selling a house in Aberdeen. I've been sent a 'Pre-Contract Enquiries' form. What is this for?
A. It is standard procedure for the vendor of a property to receive such a form in all instances. The form requires you to state any important facts to the buyer that are known about the property which are outside the terms of the main contract of sale.
Q. I want to buy a home in Aberdeen. I have made an offer through a property agent and it was accepted so I've asked a chartered surveyor to conduct a survey of the property but my property agent has told me that I've been gazumped. What does this mean?
A. This means that another buyer has made a higher offer than you which has been accepted by the seller. It's a bad thing but not illegal, just a bit unscrupulous. The agent has a duty to convey all offers to the owner and as long as sale contracts have not been exchanged you can't sue for any breach as a formal contract has not been formed yet.
Q. My licensed conveyancer said I will be required to purchase searches. What are these for ?
A. Searches are a very important component of conveyancing on a Aberdeen property purchase. Searches perform all of the researching into the property, so that you know in detail what you are buying. Are there any environmental snags? Are there trees under protection? Are there covenants on the land or home? Are there mine-workings under it? Are you the responsible party for contributing to the upkeep of the parish church? Has formal planning permission been granted for any works done on the property? This is just to name a few. A little time expended on searches prior to purchase can save a lot of heartache, and could rescue you from purchasing a home that you will later regret.

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Aberdeen Solicitors

We are so confident that you will get a getter deal with us, from a solicitor that you can read genuine feedback on that we encourage you to comapre like-to-like quotations from Aberdeen solicitors.

David S McDonald & Co
5 Golden Square
AB10 1RD
01224 267030
Plenderleath Runcie
Anderson House
24 Rose Street
AB10 1UA
01224 640666
James & George Collie
1 East Craibstone Street
AB11 6YQ
01224 581581
Alastair Hart & Co
76A Countesswells Road
AB15 7YJ
01224 310311
Michael Allan
9 Byron Square
AB16 7LL
01224 696968
Jamieson Davie
12 North Silver Street
AB10 1RL
01224 644122
Cohen & Co
1 St Swithin Row
AB10 6DL
01224 582266
Gavin Bain & Co
10-12 Chapel Street
AB10 1SP
01224 623040
Anderson Bain
10 Thistle Street
AB10 1XZ
01224 646411
Gail Goodfellow & Co
52 Victoria Road
AB11 9DR
01224 878417
Pat Sinclair & Co
39 Albert Street
AB25 1XU
01224 626070
100 Union Street
AB10 1QR
01224 428006
Esslemont Cameron Gauld
18 Carden Place
AB10 1UQ
01224 632244
Laurie & Co
17 Victoria Street
AB10 1UU
01224 645085
Alistair Marshall
18 Bon Accord Square
AB11 6YP
01224 596341
Hutcheon Rattray & Co
393 Union Street
AB11 6BX
01224 623423
Proactive Employment Lawyers
Proactive Employment Lawyers
7 Queens Gdns
AB15 4YD
01224 619208
James Hay & Co
246 George Street
AB25 1HN
01224 643573
Storie Cruden & Simpson
1-2 Bon Accord Cr
AB11 6DH
01224 587261
Masters Legal Services
85 Rosemount Viaduct
AB25 1NS
01224 652352

Client Feedback in the Aberdeen Area

17, March 2015 - Positive Overall

Good service, completed on the time we requested. Just missing the personal touch with an occasional email to make it an excellent service.

AB12 5BU - Client

02, June 2014 - Positive Overall

Purchase never completed in the end. But we're very professional to deal with.

AB11 6LU - Client

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