Online Conveyancing Quotations

If you get a quotation online you will no doubt get a range of prices in response. You have to be careful because some websites do not show all the applicable costs and build up the quotation cost by adding on things that are really essentials as extras.

As an example you will find many services being advertised at just £99.00 but the VAT is hidden and things such as filing fees with Companies House, and searches are added on as though they were optional extras.

Sale or Purchase

Your quotation will also differ if your case is a Purchase or Sale as there is more work for the solicitor to do for a Purchase transaction therefore your costs will be higher for a purchase transaction. The reason why a purchasors costs are higher is because searches usually have to be obtained in order to check title and check if any incumberances exist that may prevent you from enjoying ownership of the property at present or in the future. Onerous items contained within a Chancel Search, such as an obligation to pay towards maintaining hedgerows of a parish or the maintenance and repair of a church roof will obviously prove  to be a financial burden on you.


If you obtain a conveyancing quote you should ensure that it is clear and that any additional chargeable items are clearly identified and costed clearly before you proceed to instruct the solicitor or licensed conveyancer.

Clarity is important as you could easily end up paying more if items are not presented to you clearly.

You would also hope to avoid a solicitors practice wanting to charge you on an hourly charge basis as this could cost a lot of money as most solicitors charge rates are very high. You should insist on a fixed fee quotation and ask to be clearly advised of any extra necessary costs that may arise.

Getting a Quote

How you obtain your quotation is your choice but it is always best to have some paperwork in the form of a letter or formal quotation to back up the quotation price and services to be performed.

You could phone around and get some direct quotes from a range of solicitors in your area but we believe that this may not be that fruitful if the solicitors do not have the ability to quote from a rates table. Many Internet based quotation sites have the facility to print off or save a detailed quotation.

Another factor affecting your quote will be geographic location. If you live in a high-price area where salaries and offices are not low then employers have to pay out more for staff and office costs and have to absorb this cost from their clients by applying a high overhead recovery rate (the fee) to the work being undertaken. Internet case handlers can work from low cost outlets enabling the case fee to be reduced.

You should also watch out for the type of Internet service that will require you to enter your details and an email or maybe a phone number before you can receive a quote. This type of business may just be selling your details on to a solicitor firm as a lead for a fee.

If you feel that meeting the solicitor in person and being able to be able to call into their offices should you have a query, to be important to you then your only choice is to opt for a local solicitor. You could be lucky in that should you use a Internet based service, they may have an office in your town or city.

Most Internet based services claim that they can perform all necessary functions that a local solicitor could by email transmission and electronic signing. It is likely that Internet based services could probably perform the work faster as they are highly likely to be using electronic communication methods more heavily than your local solicitor.

No Completion No Fee

Most firms should offer this but check if they do before signing any terms of business. House transactions breakdown. Up to 40% do not complete once commenced and there are a variety of reasons for this including, collapsing of the chain, negative surveys and inability to obtain finance. Most solicitors practices should offer you the security of knowing that if your case fails to complete you will not be charged any aspect of the legal work undertaken. You will be charged for expenses and disbursements which the solicitor would have already expended on your behalf but generally they will write off their time in the hope that once another suitable property sale or purchase arises in the future you will be returning to them to do the work.

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