Getting Your Conveyancing Quotations

Do it the traditional old-fashioned way if you want to by selecting a number of legal practices or licensed conveyancers in your town and making a list of the ones that provide conveyancing services.

Ring them up and ask for a guide price or check their websites to see if they publish a scale of charges there.

You could make personal calls to them but you could find yourself pressurised into having a face to face conversation with a solicitor to get the information you require.

Traditionally, solicitors have not been known for wanting to embrace IT but those that do and have done would likely be able to offer you a cheaper, faster and more efficient service as there are many workload areas that can be automated within the conveyancing process and systems and better communication tools are now available to pass documents back and fore by electronic means rather than by using slow and expensive electronic means.

Using the Internet to Get a Quotation

Assuming you own a computer or a tablet PC or even by using your phone you can access the Internet. If you have none of these you can also visit the Public Library where you can access the Internet.

Open up a web browser like Google and tap in a key phrase like 'Conveyancing Cardiff' (If you live in Cardiff) and see what results you get back.

Typically you'd likely get hundreds of search results but they will not all be representative of local solicitor services.

Firstly, you'd get the 'Paid ad's' and they will be marked accordingly as such. Paid ad's are results from companies or businesses that are paying to be promoted as highly as possible on the first pages of Google or similar. Your business is lucrative to them so they are more than willing to pay handsomely to beat a competitors ranking in order for an attempt to win your business - even if they are not necessarily offering conveyancing services in your area.

Lead Packaging

Be wary of the results as some of these businesses do not actually offer conveyancing services at all. They just want to extract enough information out of you in order that your enquiry can be converted into a saleable lead which they will sell on to the highest bidder.

You experience it with Accident Helpline type TV and Internet advertising where they enquire if you have ever been involved in an accident then take details of your accident and tell you that one of their specialist lawyer will get back to you shortly.

In reality your details are wrapped up into a lead and sold to solicitors who do such medical negligence work. The Internet site or managing business is just a brokerage to distribute your lead out for a fee.

Solo Management

You will also get results back from businesses who return a single quotation or estimate for the conveyancing work. These are ok but you need to ensure that your quote is all-inclusive and that there will be no more costs added onto your quotation in the future except in exceptional circumstances and not before these have been fully discussed with you first. There's not really anything wrong with dealing through an Internet based company but you are unlikely to be able to get a firm within your town unless you live in the north of England where operating costs appear to be cheaper.

You should also ensure that all of your admin work is going to be carried out in the UK as some web based services have been known to farm out a lot of the admin work to countries like India.


This describes how many firms come together to sit at the back end of a price comparison style business model where any enquiries for a quotation will be interpreted automatically based on stored fee parameters and a number of quotations will be issued. Just like the Utilities and Insurance switching websites we've probably all used before. You'll get a number of quotations back and if you see a quote you like the look of you can instruct the solicitor to act for you online.

Watch For:


Make sure the quote is clear, and contains all the detail and supporting detail you would require before you instruct.

All inclusiveness

Make sure nothing is being hidden from you to make the quote look cheap in comparison to other quotes.

No completion no fee clauses

Good firms should offer this caviat as cases can break down and sometimes they don't come back together again as they terminally break down. You won't necessarily get all your fees back but the fee element pertaining just to any legal costs expended is usually returned to you.

You can get a good reliable 'Panel Type' quotation here: