Commercial Conveyancing Quotes

We are pleased to announce that we are now able to offer commercial conveyancing quotes. Please select one of the options below to get your quotations.

Sale of Business, Land or Commercial Premises

Purchase of Business, Land or Commercial Premises

Commercial Refinance

Conveyancing for commercial properties has traditionally been a minefield for getting an accurate quotation. Out ingenious quotation engine is able to arrive at an accurate fixed-price quotation for you.

How our commercial conveyancing quotation engine works

The devil is always in the detail - and for that reason we ask you some pretty detailed questions pertaining to each quotation kind. Because of the careful and specific questions that we ask, the solicitors are able to arrive at a detailed and accurate quotation with a price which they can commit to. As all of this is done through our engine, we can return the quotations to you in seconds, rather than waiting for a manual response from the solicitor.

The form will automatically adjust itself to only ask you for the information we need based on your answers.

It is worth noting that we don't ask you for any personal contact details, so there is no danger of you being chased or pestered or being sold on as a lead (in our view this is very poor behavior on the part of other conveyancing comparison websites).

We can generate:

  • Conveyancing quotations for the sale of a Business, Land or Commercial Premises
  • Conveyancing quotations for the purchase of a Business, Land or Commercial Premises
  • Conveyancing for a Commercial Refinance

So all bases are covered!

A complex business

Commercial conveyancing is a complex business - and requires specialists in the field to ensure that everything is done properly and without issue. Failure to do this work correctly can result in an expensive mess. For this reason we only show quotations from experienced solicitors with a proven track record in this field of law.