What is Cheap Conveyancing?

Basically it's any item that is able to get you a reduction in the price you would usually expect to pay from a local high street solicitor. The Internet has delivered many economies of scale and system efficiencies that have helped reduce the administration process involved in processing your conveyancing casework and these cost savings should be passed on to you if you look for a good deal.

Go Online

You are never going to find a better price locally than what you will get from an Internet service. You will get various responses to your search but Google are presently focusing on delivering localised results to you first. You will find some services that are paying to be amongst the top ranked listings too and most of these will have catch-lines like Conveyancing fees from just £99.00.

I would look for a conveyancing panel based site where your entry details will be interpreted by a range of solicitors residing across the UK and all responding automatically to your quote request by way of stored prices in a matrix database. These panel based quotes are just the same as what you would receive if you used a comparison portal site for your home or car insurance. The sites work in the same 'comparison' manner.

Download your quote, print it if you like and use it to compare against others you have received.

Cheap or Fake

You will get some companies saying that they will be able to charge as low as £99.00 but they hide so many things from you - like the vat on their fee, which you cannot avoid paying. They also hide things like Land Registry Filing charges even though they are mandatory as you have to pay them.

Other service providers may quote a low fee but require you to provide full contact details to obtain a proper quote. We would be wary of this type of site as they tend to aggregate your details and package it as a saleable lead which they will sell on to anybody willing to purchase the lead. These tend to be bought by financial advisers and mortgage providers who, having purchased an element of exclusivity with the lead have a pretty good chance of converting it if they can get back to you rapidly.

Why So Much Cheaper?

We do not know for sure but some of these panel member type solicitors could be working out of a portacabin in a remote cheap place. Inner London solicitor practices have to pay inner London rents and rates and salaries thus making your costs higher than if the work were being done by a small practice in the North of England.

Also, most of these firms have invested in good technology systems enabling searches to be ordered from HM Land Registry and other places, rapidly and upon receipt, which usually takes a fraction of the time it used to take when using a postal ordering system, the results can be scrutinised and reported on so much more quickly.

How Do I Get a Cheap Conveyancing Quote?

Go online as stated above. Use a search engine like Google or similar and type in 'Cheap Conveyancing', or 'Low Cost Conveyancing' or 'Conveyancing Deals' and see what comes back to you. If you use a panel type engine you will be surprised to find that some of the solicitors using a panel are actually very good and highly rated and are already prominent leaders in their field of law in the towns were they are based.